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the Top Universities That Have Criminal Justice Programs


Choosing a career within the Criminal Justice system is one of the best ways to get a good career that will make you good money and give you job satisfaction. A criminal-justice career can lead you to a job as a law enforcement officer or a criminologist. You can learn the skills that you need to go after the bad guys and make a difference in the world. It is important to choose criminal-justice universities that will allow you to advance quickly and gain knowledge so that you can graduate and begin work in the area of your choice. This is a great way to find your place in one of the quickest growing career fields.

Colleges That Offer Criminal Justice Degrees

One of the best criminal-justice universities is Drury University, which is known for their criminal-justice programs. They even offer a Master’s degree in criminal justice. Many students looking at this field choose Drury University. Another great school is the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. It is located in New York and is one of the best-known schools for students in this field. One can also get a criminal-justice degree at the University of Kentucky at Louisville. Students can quickly excel in this field of study due to their expansive library services. Boston University is also a great school for the criminal justice field. This university offers many types of criminal justice programs and can truly benefit a strong student! One final school is Alfred University. This school offers expansive criminal justice universities degrees. This is a great choice for students not only in the state of New York, but also from all over the United States.

Finding good criminal justice universities can be the difference between a marketable degree and a pointless one. You need to fully understand what you are getting into when entering the criminal justice career field. Don't enter into your career choice lightly and research your schools well to be sure that you are choosing the best university for your career and your tuition budget.


All Schools are not Created Equal!

Before you decide on a criminal justice university, it is important to check on the accreditation of your school. Do not select a school that is not accredited, or you might have a hard time finding a job after graduation. You also want to make sure that you go to a well-respected school that will bring notoriety to your applications for employment. You are less likely to be hired if you go to a secondary school for your criminal justice education. Career placement services are very important when you graduate. You want to be sure that your school offers this service to help ensure that you will find employment upon graduation. If your university doesn't offer this service, you would be better off to keep searching. Check your college's rating to be sure you are getting into one of the top schools. This will help your career quickly take off.

Tips and comments

Choose your university carefully.

Make sure it is accredited.

Check the ranking.

Check for career placement.

Take your time in making your choice.

By David Scott, published at 03/08/2012
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