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Which Universities in France Teach in English


France is one of the most successful civilizations of mankind. It is home to some of the oldest and finest universities of the world. The official language of France is French. However, since there are a number of foreign students who wish to study in France, a number of English universities in France have sprung up. English is the global language and brings together the entire population of the world. Thus, many English universities in France provide students with the opportunity to study French with the medium of instruction being English.


France is a wonderful country. It has an amazing culture. It has a very tolerant attitude towards people from different cultures too. This is indicative of the social depth of France. It also conveys emotional security and maturity. The French are said to be connoisseurs of art. Obviously, France has great opportunities for people who want to study the arts. France has been the home of some of the greatest philosophical thinkers in the history of mankind. It has seen the birth of many mathematicians, scientists and doctors. It has made a significant contribution to the industrial revolution. Today, it has a sound infrastructure and a thriving economy, making it one of the best countries to live and study in. It lets one explore the horizons of one’s mind. It has an aura of brilliance. The French are said to be very emotional and passionate. This passion reflects in their quest for excellence. All this is mirrored in the educational system of France.

English Universities in France allow one to experience the intensity of France without language becoming a barrier. Since a person will also spend a considerable amount of time outside the universities, he or she will automatically pick up the French language quickly. The English universities in France themselves conduct lessons which are aimed to familiarize and individual with the French language and the French culture and traditions. English universities in France enrich a person’s character by giving in an environment which comprises of an eclectic society. An individual who lives in such a society learns a lot about the ways of the world. It is a brilliant chance to explore the cultures, traditions and the peculiarities of different populations of the world. Among English universities in France, The American University of Paris is perhaps the best bet. They are among the few organizations which offer courses in the English language.


There are many universities in France that teach English. But if you are trying to look for a study program that is taught in the English language itself, then this is like trying to find a university which teaches in French - in the United Kingdom (only the American University of Paris has programs in English, but it is not a government university). Remember that French is the official Language and thus it is the medium of Instruction in all public universities. However, there are many intensive programs which focus on the French language. The medium of instruction of these programs is English.

If you attend such a program, then it will help you to build up proficiency in the French language in a matter of months. You may then choose to take up any vocational program that you prefer. Thousands of students who study in France follow this route.

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Thus, English universities in France are comprised of government universities that teach French and English. If you are looking for thoroughbred English universities in France – then the American University of Paris is the best option.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/03/2012
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