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Are Universities in Business To Profit?

Published at 03/03/2012 06:14:09


When asked the question if universities are in business to profit, the answer would be yes and no. Many universities are controlled and managed companies seeking revenue, but there are also a few that are known as nonprofit universities. 

Choosing a Profit or Nonprofit University

With there being so many choices of colleges and universities around the country today, the perspective students that want to earn their degree have their work cut out for them before they even become a student. There are classroom settings, online and distance learning options, they can attend part-time or full-time and in the mix of it all there are profit and nonprofit educational institutions.

It seems when making a choice of whether to attend a profit versus a nonprofit college or university, making the right choice has become a very important part of educational planning. Not all universities are in business to make a profit but some of them plainly are. Let’s see what some of the differences are in profit versus nonprofit universities.

Perspective students are faced with so many different choices and can definitely become easily confused if they don’t have proper guidance. When someone is planning their education there are so many important factors to consider, it is always best to research thoroughly and utilize as many resources as possible until the questions they have are answered to their satisfaction.

Nonprofit universities are usually community colleges and public universities, privately owned colleges or universities, and some religious educational institutions. Most often these colleges or universities are funded by community organizations, and some also receive a portion of their funding from government sources. There may be other sources of funding sources such as grants that may also be available to nonprofit universities.

The nonprofit universities in business are also more inclined to be focused on research and academics. They generally offer different degrees that may range from associates to doctorate degrees. Many of them offer the option for online learning which can accelerate the degree earning process. The cost of these schools may vary and the state schools may cost less than the private ones.

A university that is in business for profit is usually affiliated with a private company. They are providing educational resources for their students but the company and the investors expect to profit. They may focus more on technical education and vocational education and may have the ability to implement more technical learning resources. Their schedules are usually more flexible for students and generally the programs can be completed faster than the nonprofit universities. The universities in business for profit may also be more expensive than the nonprofit universities.

So as you see when asked if universities are in business to profit, the most suitable answer would most appropriately be. some universities are in business to profit and some are not.

Tips and comments

When planning your education, it's important to choose the university after your research and find the right university for you. Seek information online where there are tons of resources available.



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