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About Deemed Universities in Tamilnadu


High performing institutions and department of universities in the country are given the status of deemed university. The Department of Higher Education, Union Human Resources Department Ministry, grants an autonomous status on the recommendation of the University Grants Commission act of 1956.


This status enables the deemed university to set their own course and syllabus for the various courses they offer. They are also granted the power to have their own admission procedures and set guidelines for fees and for rules and regulations.

The deemed universities in Tamilnadu and in the country are known for their good quality education and the certificate that is issued at the end of completion of a course holds the same merit as the certificates issued by the regular universities. These certificates are of great value while applying for jobs as well as while going for higher studies.
The status of deemed universities in Tamilnadu are given to institutions of higher studies other than Universities. Over the past few years the number of institutions that have been declared as deemed university has increased. The deemed universities in the country are constantly monitored and the deemed university status of the ones that do not meet the university standards or indulge in fraudulent practices are cancelled.

Some of the top deemed universities in Tamilnadu are Alaggapa University in Karaikudi, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Coimbatore, Bharathidasan University in Tiruchirappalli, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences again in Coimbatore, Madurai Kamaraj University in Madurai , National Institute of Technology at Tiruchirapalli , S.R.M Institute of Science and Technology in Chennai – the states capital, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences in Chennai, Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, in Chennai, Vellore Institute of Technology at Vellore etc.


Tamil Nadu is one of the peaceful states and is an ideal place to pursue undergraduate, post graduate and much higher education. The deemed universities in Tamilnadu are a preferred destination for students not only from within the country but also from all over the world. The infrastructure, the amenities and all other facilities are the best in the country.

The deemed university are centers of higher learning and its highly skilled and qualified lecturers and professors impart the best knowledge and skills. The websites of these deemed universities in Tamilnadu is the best place to gather information about the various undergraduate degree, master’s degree, doctorate courses and the diplma and certificate courses they have on offer in various streams.

The deemed universities in Tamilnadu provide engineering, medical, arts, science as well as management courses and the syllabus of each course can be known online. You can also get detailed information about the campus, the hotel facilities, the sports activities, the cultural programs, the fee structure as well as about the management and faculty.
Many of these deemed universities in Tamilnadu also offer high quality online education and long distance educations as well.

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There are many reliable sites which also provide the rankings of the deemed universities in Tamilnadu. Visit these sites to gather all the information you need about the courses you are interested in and about the deemed university you want to enroll into.

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