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5 Best Massachusetts Universities Colleges

Published at 07/06/2011 23:58:45

 To do justice with the state of Massachusetts located in the Northeast of the United States, it won’t be wrong to declare it a “brand” of quality education.  It being the first state ever to appoint a teacher and to set up a grammar school is now home to 121 globally recognized universities of good repute. Harvard University, Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT), Tufts University, Brandeis and Boston University are some of the best universities situated in Massachusetts. All these universities excel in what they offer. Harvard was found in 1636 and since then is credited all over the globe for producing Einsteins. Founded in 1852 by Christian Universalists Tufts University located in Medford is another well renowned university among the ranking of Massachusetts schools and universities. Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) is next in the list of top universities founded in 1861 for the coaching of applied technology initially. Boston and Brandeis Universities are notorious for liberal art focus and were established in 1863 and 1948 respectively.

 Harvard University has struggled a lot to make a place for itself in this highly competitive globe and now is the largest economically capable university also considered as a political liberal one. It has a vast campus that can accommodate numerous students at a time thus increasing the opportunities for the deserving learners. The second best University sited in Cambridge, Massachusetts is Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT). As the name implies this university is well known for its advancement in scientific and technological education and research. It widened its prospect to different fields including linguistics, law, biology, economics and management.  Out of all the applicants who apply for MIT approximately thirteen geniuses find a place in this prestigious institution, thereby giving it its well earned reputation. MIT is ranked seventh on the US news and world reports. TUFTS University is recognized for its internationalism and study abroad programs offering various course syllabuses. It pays a great stress on its medical and dental school. More than 150 student societies dictate the campus life and the schools are well aware of many old traditions and festivals.

 Brandeis located in suburban Waltham, Massachusetts is a private institution sponsored by the Jews. This university is among the top universities for liberal art focus and offers exceptional training for either professional or graduate studies. It was named after Brandeis (Late Supreme Court justice).Boston College (BC) is another liberal arts college and preparatory school in Boston south ends, Massachusetts.  It is a member of the “568 groups” and the association of Jesuit College and universities. Boston College is categorized as an RU/H: Research University (High research activity) in the Carnegie classification of institution of Higher education. It offers a wide variety of subjects approximating over 100 degree programs for the undergraduate students to choose from. Its educational, cultural and social activities provide the students a broad arena of acquiring knowledge according to their respective strength. Most of the famous artists we come across these days are graduated from these influential foundations.

 It’s just not my opinion that these are the best universities in Massachusetts; a lot of people from around the globe would give up anything to get into these universities. Every year thousands of international students apply to these universities because of their reputation and good standards of education.

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