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Common Educational Goals For All Universities


Institutions of higher learning are places that many wish to go to. This is the reason why we have a huge stream of individuals going to the universities and colleges. This might be with the intention of acquiring new skills or sharpening that which they already have. All universities have set out certain goals an objectives they want to achieve in their existence. More specifically, all universities have certain education goals that they share. These goals are the pillars that these universities are set on. They help in producing individuals who will synchronize with the external environment.


Initially at the onset of higher learning, the main area of interest for all univerities was the impertation of knowledge. This resulted into the release of people who could not proceed with education further than what they had been taught. This was not for the good of the job market and the community at large. This trend had to change, hence all univerities had to review their education goals. This was with the aim of making them in tandemn with the current societal trends. The education goals in most universities have greatly changed since their inception. However, some are the very goals that were previously used from the onset.


One of the education goals that has stood the test of time and is common to all univerities is the emphasis on professionalism. This means that the graduates of each university should be able to provide excellent services irrespective of their field of specialization. Their interest is that after the dissemination of knowledge had taken place, it should not be let go to waste. The other common educational goal for all univerities is to bring to the society socially responsible individuals. This means that these are individuals who can exersise restraint when working within and outside their careers. All univerities tend to train people not only to be professional but also carring for others outside their areas of concern. This brings in focus another goal of interelationship between various fields. Another goal insists on the ability of a graduate to think indipendently, criticaly, logically and analytically. This will enable them develop the atribute of inovation.

Tips and comments

The educational goals of all univerities can never be the same. However, they all try to insist on very specific related issues. After doing a keen analysis, you will realize that most if these goals insist on the graduate, professionalism and the society at large. It is from these three focal points that the other educational goals are extructed. If these three are interelated and perfected, them the educational objectives are reached. This is why all univerities that have some prudence will try establishing a link between the three such that thay are imperted on an individual before they graduate. The problem is that most universities insist so much on disscemination of knowledge. Community service is what most universities never teach their students. This leads to graduates who can not reach out to the society to assist.

By Kennedy Jacob, published at 03/12/2012
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