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Best Massachusetts Universities

Published at 07/07/2011 00:09:04

 It is a known fact that human beings love to attain knowledge about their world. This is mainly an endeavor of the curious minds to better understand the world they live in and thus be better able to understand themselves. So our quest for knowledge is simply a search for ourselves. Few states in the world can boast that they have over 100 doctoral and research based universities but the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is one of the luck few who enjoys that perk. Massachusetts is host to over 350 000 students who are busy in their venture of attainting higher education and make a place for themselves in the real world. The cold winters of Massachusetts have been unable to curb the flow of students from around the US and the world over to this center of learning. Given below are few of the top universities the commonwealth of Massachusetts has to offer.

 Harvard University is without a doubt the most yearned after university in the academic world. Harvard was the birthplace of Olympians, Nobel Laureates, movie stars and even Facebook. Harvard is a multidisciplinary school with programs varying from Engineering to divinity, making Harvard a truly diverse learning experience. This research based university has been included in the top 10 universities of the world ranking in at number 2. Harvard alumni include Barack Obama John Quincy Adams and Bill Gates. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a well known name in the world with students from over 100 countries of the world. This leader in the field of engineering is accepted to be the best choice for eligible candidates, offering courses in Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science and engineering plus many other disciplines. has ranked MIT to be the world 5th best university based on learning and teaching experience along with overall environment such as teacher-to-student ratio.

 Mount Holyoke College is remarkable institute which focuses on the liberal arts. This college is a women-only institute and is considered to be one of the best schools in the country for aspiring young females. Mount Holyoke has over 2,200 students including students from over 70 countries. Along with its academic programs MHC also offers 14 sports programs to its students to encourage a healthy growth of character. Boston University is again one of the big names in the academic world with a student body of over 31,000 taught by a faculty of 4000. The motto of the school is Learning, Virtue and Piety which shows the true character of this institute. BU like most universities in Massachusetts is a multidisciplinary school with a little bit for everyone, a great choice for people looking for a diverse and challenging environment.

Tips and comments:

 Universities are truly hard to compare and contrast because in the end it is up to the student to make the learning experience beneficial for themselves. A lazy bluffer will not change simply by attending Harvard nor will a genius lose his potential by going to a state university. So the name of the school or the number of distinguished people it produced should not be the only concern when apply to one. The student should look for a university that appeals and challenges HIM and only then will the college experience be a truly enjoyable one.