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What Are Teaching Universities


Teaching universities are institutions of higher learning that offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses in fields like medicine, liberal arts, engineering, computing, health science, business and law. There is no point trying to make a classical distinction whether Oxford or Harvard or even Stanford is a teaching institution. They are simply reputable teaching universities. In some of these institutions, students are given the privilege to craft their specific plan of study.

Teaching universities have strategies and philosophies that focused on outcomes. Most often, teaching universities are shaped by social and political contexts. Teaching universities helps students in their personal creativity and empowerment. In teaching universities, education is seen as a caring profession. Most of these universities have well trained professors and tutors and purpose-driven students.


The pursuit of academic excellence is well celebrated in teaching universities. What makes a teaching university very unique is the quality of the learning and teaching skills. There are over one thousand qualitative teaching universities across the world. These are universities where good teaching skills are well illustrated; in these institutions, you will see lots of charismatic teachers that cares for their students and who try the much they could to inspire.

The greatest work of a tutor is not just to teach morals and academic excellence, but instead to inspire. In teaching universities, students are encouraged to show active participation so as to construct their own knowledge. The emergence of information technology in the recent centuries has enhanced the activities of teaching universities; to say the least, they have revolutionized the teaching skills.


Teaching universities have contributed to economic growth, social cohesion, and innovation. Students are given the opportunity to choose career-related courses. Millions of people rely on teaching universities so as to secure their future. In fact, they are regarded as solid investments for students; these include mature students and those that wish to gain western education. Teaching universities have helped working class professionals and those that wish to do part-time programs so as to gain higher qualifications. This is why you see so many students doing sandwich programs.

Teaching universities have contributed to the expansion of postgraduate programs; these universities are veritable goldmine of resource materials for students pursuing masters and Doctoral programs. In teaching universities, students are allowed to interact among themselves- discussing their problems and finding a perfect solution to such problems. Lectures are not taken for granted and every student is expected to be proficient in academic literacy and appreciation.

Tips and comments

A good number of teaching universities are among the top-ranked universities in the world. All these universities have one thing in common and that is the drive for excellence. As a lover of wisdom, the best way to develop yourself is by going to teaching universities. The teaching strategies and curricula of every teaching university vary from one university to another. In the final analysis, it will be a good idea to go to a teaching university. Good teachers are beckons of light to their compatriots.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 03/07/2012
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