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5 Top Tamil Nadu Universities


Tamil Nadu is the southernmost state of India. It was formed as the state of Madras in the year 1950, but was later renamed as Tamil Nadu on 14 January 1969. It has a very rich cultural heritage. The official language used here is Tamil which is one of the oldest languages on earth. Tamil Nadu has always given importance to education and scientific development. It’s been the birth place of many scholars, mathematicians and scientists. It has the highest number of universities and colleges in India. Hence it’s become a prominent destination for other state students seeking higher education. The fee structure and overall college expenses are also very less compared to northern states of India. Each year over one hundred thousand students from other states come to Tamil Nadu to pursue higher studies. Three of Tamil Nadu universities list in the top ten universities of India.


University of Madras is the oldest university in Tamil Nadu and is one of the three oldest universities in India (the two other being the University of Calcutta and the University of Mumbai). It was established on 5 September 1857. Initially, it had six campuses and 50 departments. University of Madras is still ranked number one in Tamil Nadu and ranks fifth overall in India. Tamil Nadu has both public and privately managed universities. Tamil Nadu universities fall under the private sector and therefore have to follow strict norms to get accredited in the state. For this reason the quality of education is very high in Tamil Nadu.


The top 5 Tamil Nadu Universities are University of Madras, Anna University, Annamalai University, VIT University and MGR University. All these Tamil Nadu universities have excellent academic and placement track record. Their courses and curriculum are of global standard. University of Madras, Anna University and Annamalai University are state run institutions. Students have to go through rigorous entrance exams and require very high percentage in their Board exams to get admission in these universities. Each year over million students apply for various courses offered by these universities, but only the top ranking students get admitted into these universities. The tuition fees for these colleges are easily affordable.

VIT University and MGR University are privately run institutions. They have entrance examinations similar to public universities for admission. Tamil Nadu Universities have highly qualified and trained faculties. They follow a semester pattern with credit based grading system. The pass percentage of these universities is the highest in the country.

Tips and comments

Tamil Nadu Universities are the best option for students looking for quality education at reasonable rates. The courses and degrees these universities offer are recognized globally. They have one of the best placement programs in India. Many of the students get placed in top MNCs with high salaries even before they graduate. For other state student hostel facilities at affordable priced and easily available. The universities aim for all-round development of the students. Global seminars and symposiums are conducted annually to help student improve their skills. Scholarships for students with academic excellence are also given.

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