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Top 10 British Universities


Studying in Britain can be one of the best decisions you can ever take. Britain hosts many prominent universities that accommodate students from UK as well as those from other regions of the world. Each and every year, very many students start on a rigorous process of admission to attend these British universities. Admission to top universities is however very competitive. The most prominent top 10 British universities you would choose to attend are covered below.

First 5 British Universities

The best university not only in Britain but also in the entire globe is the Cambridge University. Besides its popularity it has also been found to be the second oldest learning institution in the UK. Students from this university have done great things in the technological world proving how prestigious it is. This university is located along the Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TN. At least everyone has heard of the famous Oxford University. Among the top ten, this university holds the second top position of British universities. Talking of age, This University is the oldest of all British universities. Its prestigious reputation is not a secret either. It has hosted very many successful individuals, a reason that perhaps has contributed to its popularity. Oxford University is located in Wellington square, Oxford OX12JD. Talking of medicine and engineering courses, following is the Imperial College London. Just like other British universities, this university is very old. It was formed even before Britain got its independence. For the fact that this university great Science people, it has continuously retained its high rank among British Universities. It is located South Kensington campus, London SW72AZ. Talking of top 10 British universities it would be great to mention the Bloomsbury-based University College of London. In the capital of England, this university was the first one to be founded. Since those early times, it has maintained its academic reputation by producing remarkable results. It is well known in they are of Law, archeology and architecture. It is located in the Gower Street, London WC1E6BT. As a result of research, the University of Warwick has earned itself a high rank in the top ten British Universities. The standards of academic in this institution is quite remarkable something that has been attributed to research on the areas of business, history and mathematics. It is located in the Coventry CV47AL, UK.

Other top British Universities

Commonly known as the LSE, London school of Economics also tops the many British Universities. Most people give it credit as being the leading institution for not only research but also teaching. As compared to other British Universities, LSE has a low rate of admissions hence making it very competitive. It is located in the Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE. Perhaps you have ever heard of Durham University. As the name suggests it is located in the town of Durham and is argued to be the third oldest of other British Universities behind Cambridge and Oxford universities. It is located in the Old Elvet, Durham DH13HP. Another university that deserves our consideration when looking at the top ten British Universities is the University of St. Andrews. Located in the Scotland’s east coast, it produces a considerable number of student’s first class of honors. Did you know that the University of Extern is among the top ten British universities? Well this is true; the academic experience that it has offered to its many students is something that wouldn’t go unnoticed. With its three campuses, they offer numerous vacancies for all classes of students. It is located in Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, Devon UK. And finally, the next is the popular University of Brixton. It would seem a joke that this institution was established even before the World War II but its not. In fact those of you who have a chance to see it either physically or through other sources would agree that it is build of red bricks, a design that was used to build buildings in the early times. It is the engineering courses and civic sciences that have earned it a position in the top ten British universities.


So, the above are the top ten British Universities you can choose to attend. All of them have gained good reputation in today’s world as far as education is concerned.

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