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The fashion industry is at a high, it’s never been on before. Universities of fashion are growing in number more than ever. So making the right decision when it comes to universities for fashion is a very crucial one. Universities of Fashion, lack in one or more department if not all, so that’s why the very few universities for fashion that are remarkable in every sense is very important. The universities will have departments that range from, textiles, styling, marketing, fashion business, and technology.


Just like some of the other subjects that have emerged only in the recent past, fashion is also one of those subjects; it’s only been made a discipline in the recent past. Therefore Universities for fashion have only recently come into existence.


Universities of fashion are known to be very costly. They aren’t cheap. SO if you are planning on attending fashion school, make sure you have the financial aspect figured out. The fees for fashion universities can range to $40,000 or more annually. The universities of Fashion are sometimes rated according to the number of big names they have produced, but it’s not necessary that the Universities for Fashion is worthless if it hasn’t produced any big names. All Universities have their own advantages and strong departments. Know that the fashion industry is one that is extremely competitive and fast-paced. The candidates heading to the fashion industry need to be aware of the upcoming trends and behavior. The industry is only going to get tougher to get into, as there are too many candidates hoping to be the next Stella McCartney, Tom Ford, Wera Wang, Valentino etc. So to make sure you are the one that gets the best opportunities, you will have to make sure you are the best. And part of that requires you get a really prestigious degree from a very honorable and recognized universities of fashion. These universities of fashion teach you how to be diverse and stand out among others while polishing your skill. They give you a sense of being able to determine and judge fashion and business situations, then they make sure you are equipped with the knowledge about the technology and the commercial market before you go into the market.

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Universities of Fashion are responsible for what you buy in the mall. The shoes, the bags, the clothes, etc. everything that is on the shelves has started from the inspiration and determination of a fashion student. The Universities of fashion help the fashion students in understanding the each and every step of the process involved in making that bag available in the market. A lot of thought and preparation goes into it. A designer has a picture of the product in his/her mind and how it should be worn; it’s the Universities of Fashion that help them modify it according to the trends, technology and commercial point of view. They make sure the graduate isn’t just drawing and designing, but also thinking of the market that the product is being sold at and the audience that will be receiving it.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/06/2012
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