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Studying online is fast becoming a trend for many students. Almost all of the best universities in the country are offering online courses. Indeed, enrolling to universities’ online education gives so many benefits to students. That is why there has been a steady increase of enrollees in this program. Here are some of the things that we need to know about universities online education program.

How to enroll in this program

You need to know that all online universities are equal. To enroll, you must first need to find a school which is accredited regionally. Enrolling in regionally accredited universities assures you that your degrees and diploma are generally accepted everywhere in the country. It’s the same as actually coming to classes and graduating to any four-walled building universities. Be sure that the university you’re enrolling to is not just nationally accredited. You might encounter difficulties in accreditations since degrees from nationally accredited universities are not accepted everywhere in the country. You can contact the school your interested with by phone or by e-mail. Through this you will be interviewed by the recruiter. After enrollment, make sure to order your books immediately for your first class. Every universities online education program is different. Instructions regarding how you will go about your classes are given by the school enrollment advisor.


Advantages in universities online education program

There are so many advantages in availing the universities online education program. We’ll just tackle a few. The most obvious advantage in online education programs is the convenience factor. Students can save time and effort because they won’t have to come to school. All study materials and lectures are sent electronically to the students who will read, answer test questions, and submit assignments. Saving money is also one of the advantages. Tuition fees in most universities online education programs costs much cheaper as compared to traditional schools. Add to that the daily expenses that you can avoid by not coming to school like commuting fares, classroom supplies, even school uniforms and allowances. You won’t need to buy text books also since all lessons can be downloaded online. One of the major advantages in this program is flexibility. This factor appeals to most of the online students. This program allows a student to work at his own pace. Flexibility is very important especially to students who need to work while studying. It gives them freedom to work around schedules.

Disadvantages in universities online education program

In every system, there’s always pro’s and con’s. Let’s discuss some of the disadvantages to universities online education program. First, difficulty in employment. There a great possibility that you will to explain the validity of your degree during job interviews. Not all companies are well-versed to online education programs and this might pose a s a very serious concern for your future career. This is very true especially if you did not get your degree from a regionally accredited university. Another disadvantage is that you have fewer networking opportunities. Online students very rarely get to join school organizations. These organizations can help you out in your resumes or if you need connections. Online learning doesn’t give you this opportunity. Lastly, when you’re an online student, there is a great potential for very minimal or less interaction. Online students lack the important part of interaction with classmates and instructors. Aside from this they also don’t get to practice their public speaking which is honed during class recitations, discussions, and class presentations; a very integral part of school life.

Tips and comments

Although there is a greater deal of benefits in availing the universities online education, its disadvantages must still be carefully considered. This program was designed to cater the needs of students with special or unusual situations. There are no restrictions as to who could enroll to this program though. The important thing is that the universities online education program has been successful in achieving its objective and that is to cater the educational needs of students in an innovative way.

By Rodel, published at 03/06/2012
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