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the Top 3 Western Universities in the United States

Published at 03/06/2012 23:18:21


The United States has always given a great emphasis on education. There are about 2, 618 universities and colleges in the whole country which you can choose from. These universities are divided by regions.  Here’s the list and information about the top three western universities in the United States.

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Trinity University located in Western Universities

Founded in 1869, this university is one of the top private schools in the country. This school ranks first among western universities. It has twenty five academic departments with various courses and programs offered. Trinity University is committed to achieving the highest level of standard in education and leadership. Of the 228 full-time faculty staff of the school, 98% of those hold a Ph. D and other terminal degree in their respective fields. If you are looking for a school that really excels in the academic field, this is the school for you. During the year 2007, this school received the Excellence in Academic Libraries Award. It maintains its goal which is to offer the most relevant education opportunity and preparing the students to contribute to society.

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Santa Clara University located in Western Universities

Founded in 1851, this university is a well known catholic school. Santa Clara is also known to be the oldest university in the state of California. If you are interested to having a lot of connections or to establish a lot of networks, then this is the school for you. There are more than a hundred school organizations existing in this university. If you’re interested in taking up law in your post graduate schooling, Santa Clara University is also an excellent choice especially if you’re planning to specialize in Intellectual Property Law. This university currently ranks 8th in this subject among law schools.

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Gonzaga University located in Western Universities

Founded in 1887, Gonzaga University is also one of the catholic-run schools among western universities. This school is also known as an outstanding law school. Three of its alumni are currently Supreme Court justices in Washington. Other prominent alumni of the university’s law school are Washington governor Christine Gregoire and both U.S. Attorneys of the Washington federal courts. For students who want to join debater clubs, this is the school for you. For more than a century now, this university has consistently sponsored and facilitated the collegiate policy debate. They regular schedule their competitions for seven months every year. Competitors usually come from other prestigious schools like Harvard, Kentucky, Wake Forest among others. A prominent alumnus of their debate club is former Speaker of the House, Tom Foley.


If you’re a student living in the western region of the states and you’re interested to know which of these western universities would be best to enroll to, this is something that can probably help you.

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So these are the top three western universities in the United States. Finding the best school is always a top priority among students. But aside from the quality of education, the culture and norms of the school must be greatly considered. This is because a culture of a school can deeply affect and influence the character of a person. Good luck and choose well!