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Benefits To Attending Catholic Universities


There are many opportunities for university education unlike the earlier times when universities were few thereby limiting the chances of one getting admission. It is even possible to learn online without attending class. That is how easier it has become to get university education. However, inspite of the many universities available, one has to exercise caution during selection so that they find a university that will help them achieve their life goals. When selecting a university, it is not just about the academics. There are areas one has to consider so that at the end of the day the person emerging from such an institution is well balanced in all the major aspects of life to better tackle the world. This is what catholic universities have always aimed to achieve.


The Catholic Church is centuries old and has grown significantly over the years. The church has congregations in almost every part of the world and is one the most respected religious institutions due to the way it has maintained its values and has been consistent over the years. Initially, the Catholic Church only focused on the religious aspect of life but she soon realized that people needed to be developed in other areas of their lives in order for them to be active and happy congregants. It is at this point that she decided to expand her mandate and today the Catholic Church forms one of the largest and most effective non-governmental bodies. We now have catholic schools, colleges, universities and hospitals. Catholic universities are among the best in the world. The church has many outreach programs as well in different parts of the world. Catholic institutions continue to play the vital role of complementing state services the world over.


There are many benefits to attending catholic universities, some of which include:

  • Education standards are high and student performance above average. This gives the students from catholic universities a competitive edge when they join the job market.
  • As a catholic, you are able to develop in your faith and do so with other people who share the same values. There is a great sense of family in catholic universities- there is no discrimination since are considered equal, no matter the class, race or sex.
  • Apart from the academics, a student is able to grow emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually to ensure he or she has a balanced life. Additionally, students get all the support they may need to make them complete and healthy individuals.
  • Catholic universities usually have outreach programs where students are exposed to other people’s way of life. This way, they are more in touch with the real world and do not take life for granted. Students are taught to think beyond themselves by participating in community service. A sense of volunteerism is firmly instilled in them.
  • Catholic universities charge less in tuition fees when compared to other private universities; and this is without them comprising on quality. This is makes it possible for poor families to afford university education for their children.
  • Catholic universities have better discipline when compared to other institutions of higher learning. Upon graduation, you emerge as individual who has a better sense of integrity and one who appreciates observance of basic moral values. You have the ability to safely travel through the rough patches of life.

Tips and comments

When looking for catholic universities, it helps to go through a catholic church. It gets easier if you are a member and have a good attendance record in the church.

By Sarah Nalu, published at 03/14/2012
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