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What Are the Best Ca Universities

Published at 03/08/2012 10:40:54


California boasts of some top institutions of learning, these CA universities offers students a broad range of both graduate and undergraduate study programs. These top CA universities are among the best in the state ranking high in the nation as well. Most of these CA universities attract students from all over the world. The best CA universities are as follows:

Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles-It’s a private catholic university with student capacity of about 9,000 students passing through its gates every year .It has been ranked among the best CAuniversities in the Western region.

As one of the best CA universities the Loyola offers 56 undergraduate studies and 38 master’ s programs to students spread across the seven colleges .Some of its colleges includes the Bellamine college of arts, the Frank R Seaver college of sciences and the School of film and television. Loyola University boasts of some of the high ranking people who have graduated from the college and moved on to win Nobel peace prize as well as Pulitzer Prize. Students have a chance to participate in various clubs and programs including a student-run radio station.

Stanford University, CA-Its located about 40 miles south of San Francisco and is rated as among the best of CA universities leading in research. In 2011 was ranked as 5th best in the country especially due to its college library. Stanford offers degree programs throughout its seven colleges at both the graduate and undergraduate level. The university’s’ areas of study includes art, history, political science, psychology as well as statistics and engineering. The library contains more than seven million volumes and 1 million audio visual volumes including e-books.

University of California-In 2011 it was one of the CA universities that was ranked top among public schools. It serves some 35,000 students offering more than 7,000 courses through approximately 350 degrees programs. As one of the CA universities that offer graduate studies the university is known to be the only post secondary school that awards the most PHDs in the US.

Other great CA universities include:

California Institute of Technology-its among the CA universities that boasts of the highest number of chemistry program in the US, located in Pasadena.

California State University-Long Beach-the university is situated along Long Beach in California and boasts of 350 Merit finalists in its undergraduate programs.

Pepperdine University-Its one of the CA universities with several colleges spread all over the world in Italy, England, China and Germany.

University of California-Davis-its one of the CA universities dedicated to offering medical courses. It boasts of five clinics where students get to practice their medical skills.

University of California Los Angeles-its one of the CA universities that has produced some of the best brains boasting of Nobel prize winners and Pulitzer prize winners.

University of California -San Diego-the university has an incredible diversity in its makeup with about 64 percent of its students being colored.

University of Southern California-This University boasts of 65 National Academy members in its faculty which is quite a unique characteristic.