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The 100 Top Universities in the United States


The US is known for providing a high quality of education and there are many institutions of learning that meet the criteria of excellence. Students all over the world go to the US precisely for the quality of education provided by the universities in the country. Graduating from prestigious and top 100 universities in the United States increases your chances of getting a high-paying job after graduation. However, the 100 top universities are also not the easiest to get into since admissions are on a competitive basis and there are limited places.

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Most of the Ivy League Schools are in the top 100 universities. The admissions requirements are stringent and if your dream is to enter in one of the best 100 universities, there are basic requirements that must be met. Thankfully, most applications can be done online although not all of the top 100 universities have this system in place. In other cases, you have to send in your accomplished forms by registered mail to make sure that it gets to its destination and that you have proof of sending them.

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Since gaining admissions to the 100 universities is a combination of several factors, knowing specific requirements is a vital in the application process. However, most top 100 universities require that you have a high GPA and excellent SAT scores.

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Reference letters are also important since the best 100 universities require a specific number of recommendation referrals. This can range anywhere from 2-3 and should be from former teachers, a distinguished or an influential member of the community.

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These high-caliber 100 universities also require an interview with the admissions committee, so if you are called to one, be sure to prepare for it. Simulate the interview anticipating on questions that will be asked. However, just be honest and spontaneous in your responses. The interviewers are more concerned about your leadership capabilities, personality, and possible contributions to the school more than anything else.

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Know that there are also quotas for minority groups to balance the makeup of the top 100 universities. Racial backgrounds play into account when applying to the top 100 universities. You might even get scholarships or funding to the 100 universities based on these criteria. Check if you are not qualified to avail of quota programs in the 100 universities that need to be filled.


Rankings of the top 100 universities in the US depend on the criteria and categories applied and which organization carried the survey. For instance, Harvard University is listed as the first among the top 100 universities in America in terms of the quality of its undergraduate program. This was the ranking done on “National Universities” by the U.S. News & World Report. However, in a ranking of Forbes magazine and the The Washington Monthly, the school came sixth among 100 universities. Founded in 1636, it is the oldest educational institution in the United States and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

A close rival of Harvard University is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The educational institution is among the top 100 universities and is known for its strong undergraduate programs in math, engineering and sciences. There are also degrees offered in management, social sciences, and humanities.

Other schools in the top 100 universities in the US include Columbia University, Princeton, Stanford, Duke University, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Chicago.

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