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List Of Colleges Universities in Canada


The Canadian universities and colleges are the responsibility of the provinces or territories. This decision was made in 1867, by the British North America Act which was renamed in 1982 as the Constitution Act. The law states that the officials of every province can “make laws in relation to education”. This means that every province has a different system of education, evolving differently in time. There is though an exception to the rule. The higher education institutions for Aboriginal Peoples are the responsibility of the government of Canada.

About the list of colleges universities in Canadian territories

Canada is divided in 10 regions and each of them has one or more education institutions. The list of colleges universities in Canada is too long to be made public, because it would take more than an article to list them all. That is why from the list of colleges universities in the 10 regions, we will talk about only a few of them. But first, here are the 10 regions: Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan.

About the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

The AUCC (The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada) is an organization which includes all institutions from the list of colleges universities. According to their role, the AUCC defines 2 types of institutions: colleges and universities. The first ones provide diplomas and the second ones provide doctoral degrees, master’s degrees and bachelor degrees. A university can grant a degree only if they are part of the official list of colleges universities.

Public universities are funded by the provincial governments, but there is a portion that comes from the federal government. The main thing that separates the institutions from the list of colleges universities is the amount of money they receive from their governments. For example, the government offers more funding to the Quebec public while Atlantic Canada receives the least funding when it should get more because Atlanta is larger then Quebec.

About the Canadian education system

There are a lot of fine high education institutions on the list of colleges universities in Canada. It is true that the biggest and popular institutions are found in bigger cities such as Montreal (Concordia University, HEC Montreal), Toronto (York University, Ryerson University) or Vancouver (Emily Carr University of Art and Design). On the other hand, smaller cities, such as Halifax (Atlantic School of Theology, Dalhousie University, NSCAD University), Ottawa (Charleton University, OCAD University), Edmonton (Grant MacEwan University, University of Alberta) or Calgary (University of Calgary) can offer good colleges and universities.

The Canadian educational system is highly respected throughout the world. The institutions offer life enriching opportunities and a wealth of high education. The Canadian education system is loaded with many different programs which are spread all over the provinces. At this point, there are more than 90 accredited universities in the state. The main difference from Canada and other states regarding education institutions is that they are all public and they are the responsibility of local governments.


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