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About the Phd in Universities

Published at 03/08/2012 20:15:42


A Doctor in Philosophy, abbreviated as D.Phil, DPhil or PhD in universities is an academic degree awarded to students by higher education institutions. The level of the degree varies according to institution, country and time period. The PhD in universities doesn’t refer just to the term philosophy but to its broader sense, which can be translated as “love of wisdom”. For example, in most European countries, the term refers to all fields except medicine, law and theology.

Things to know about the PhD in universities


The PhD in universities is generally treated very seriously by the top universities because the expectations are very high. It is a thesis that involves a lot of work from the one writing it. If someone asks a university professor about a specific field and he says that one of his students is working on it on his PhD, it means that the issue will be solved one way or another. The PhD in universities is more than just research and writing a long paper. It is a task that makes a student get involved in future independent works and long term commitments. The goal is to see if the student intends to be a researcher, otherwise it does not worth the effort.

The PhD turns you from a student into a professional

The PhD in universities is a process that aims to transform a student into a professional. Generally, the status of a professor is affected in some way or another by his students’ PhDs. It is true that it involves a lot of work and dedication but the final result must be of high standards. The research made for PhD in universities is mechanical. In some cases, discovering the mechanism is much more important than the actual results because it might prove to be relevant for your entire research career and for you future as a researcher.

PhDs can be really difficult even for the most brilliant students

A PhD thesis can be very tricky especially if this is the first time you do a major research. It usually is a big challenge for all students especially because there is no easy way to do it. Every student has its own way of seeing things, understanding the role of the work or approaching the subject in the way they should. That is because everyone has its own talent. And that’s a good thing, since there are different types of theses that need different kinds of approaches.

Besides all the hard work you need to put into the thesis, the moment when you have to share it with others comes inevitably, and will get you a great satisfaction when you will present it. This involves hard work as well because a committee will judge your work after you present it to them. In many cases, this produces anxiety even for the most brilliant students. The PhD thesis is unlike other researches made by a student and that’s why the way it is evaluated is unique. There is no clear contract and there’s no clear standard, although we know that it is very high from other universities in small countries.