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About Nc Universities

Published at 03/08/2012 00:22:20


The NC University was founded in 1789 and it was the first public university in US. The nc universities were the first ones that graduated students in the 18th century. Today, the UNC is a campus which includes 17 nc universities which grant baccalaureate degrees plus the School of Science and mathematics, the first public residential high school of the nation dedicated to gifted students.

About universities in North Carolina

The nc universities and colleges offer 2 or 4 year degree programs. The nc universities include a wide list of fine colleges which include: Chowan College, Campbell University, Duke University, Davidson College and many more. These universities and colleges require you to complete a curriculum based on liberal arts besides any other major field.

Even more, the nc universities prepare students for majors in subject areas, such as English, Spanish, history, philosophy and other, but that might not prepare them for a specific career. On the other hand, the nc universities also offer majors for specific careers such as engineering, journalism, education, pre-law, business, accounting and more.

Online degrees from nc universities

You can study at the North Carolina colleges or universities or you can study for an online certificate or degree. These certifications and degrees are given in almost all majors and for any levels: doctorate, masters or bachelors. You can study at the NC colleges if you want to prepare for a specific career such as: veterinary assisting, dental assisting, real estate, office management, MBA, interior design, paralegal, medical curricula, electronics, criminal justice, homeland security, drafting, healthcare professions, automotive training, massage therapy, computer careers, culinary arts, graphics, business, art careers, accounting and many more. Usually, these degrees can be obtained in 2 years.

About the 17 institutions

In NC, all public institutions dedicated to education are part of the UNC. The state university includes 16 institutions and the School of Science and Mathematics. These are the 16 institutions:

- Appalachian State University;

- East Carolina University;

- Elizabeth City State University;

- Fayetteville State University;

- UNC Asheville;

- UNC Chappell Hill;

- UNC Charlotte;

- UNC Greensboro;

- UNC Pembroke;

- UNC Wilmington;

- UNC School of the Arts;

- Western Carolina University;

- Winston-Salem State University.

The first class of students was admitted in 1795 in Chapel Hill. This was the only UNC campus for the next 136 years. In 1931, the General Assembly’s session restructured the University of North Carolina and included 3 more state supported education institutions: Chapel Hill, known now as the UNC Chapel Hill), Woman’s College (known now as the UNC Greensboro) and North Carolina State College (known today as UNC Raleigh). The new created university operated with 1 president and one board of trustees. In 1969, other 3 campuses joined the university: UNC Charlotte, UNC Asheville and UNC Wilmington. In 1971, the university encompassed the remaining public senior institutions forming the university as we know it today. The School of Science and Mathematics affiliated to the university in 1985 and in 2007 it became a constituent institution.