How To Find a Delaware Universities
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How To Find a Delaware Universities

Published at 03/09/2012 16:56:39


How To Find a Delaware Universities

Delaware is a coastal state in the US, bordered by Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Its economy is based on agriculture and a few sectors such as the pharmaceutical, banking, automotive, and financial industries. Delaware is home to one of the largest and oldest chemical companies in the world, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company is also in Delaware as well as Syngenta.

The education sector is  one the major employers of the local economy. Getting an education from Delaware universities is not a bad idea as there are reputable institutions of learning in the state offering high standards of education. If you are thinking of finding universities in Delaware, here are a few tips to assist you in locating one.

Step 1

Check the list of accredited schools, universities and programs with the US Department of Education. It keeps a list of recognized schools and programs giving you an idea which schools are suitable for your purpose. Even if the schools on the list are unaccredited, have a look at what these imply for your needs.


Step 2

If you have a specific course in mind and need to look if this is being offered in Delaware universities, look at the accrediting bodies. For example, if you want to study food and nutrition and eventually work as a nutritionist or as a dietitian, the best reference site is the American Dietetic Association's Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education. The site has also links to bodies and associations for licensure and certification requirements.

Step 3

Do check the US World Report & News online that published the top ranked universities across the nation if you want to see how universities in Delaware are doing compared to other schools in the nation. Universities in Delaware that made it to the list are described and there is an overview of the learning institution including type of curriculum offered, tuition fees, application period, and so forth.

Step 4

Short list a few Delaware universities and check the schools’ websites. Note if programs which interest you are offered and other information that you will need in submitting your application to Delaware universities. You might want to send an inquiry by email. In most cases, the basic info that you need is on the site. However, if you are going to study part-time or are looking for distance learning programs, a meeting with the school registrar is helpful. Other details cannot also be shown on the websites of Delaware universities so it might be more practical to arrange for a school tour or participate in open houses if you are a freshman.

Step 5

Talk to your school counselors if you are being admitted as a freshman or transfer student in Delaware universities. They usually have a list of universities in Delaware where they could refer graduating high school students. Advice and counseling are also provided at the same time if you are thinking of following certain career paths.


How To Find a Delaware Universities

Accreditation is not a mandatory requirement of the US Department of Education nor does the USDE accredit learning institutions. It only recognizes accrediting bodies of postsecondary education. Accrediting is done by associations and organizations of professionals to ensure that quality standards are met in offering degrees and programs. It is a voluntary act on the part of the schools and learning institutions.

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