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Top Ten Universities in America

Top Ten Universities in America

The first to be on the top ten universities list is the University of California at Berkeley, located just over the San Francisco Bay. The campus has fourteen different schools and colleges that cover 25530 graduates. Berkeley has gained national widespread attention for a long time, being a center of free speech movements. Optometry, journalism and environmental design are UCB's nationally recognized programs. Berkeley is on the top of the list because it's not that expensive and it is well loved by employers.


Second on the top ten universities list is Yale University. In a well known college town of New Haven, Connecticut, Yale has the best reputation. It is a small University by number, with only 5275 undergraduate students, but that means there is only place for high achieving students. With more than 300 years of tradition, the University founded in 1701 is well known for its programs in music and drama at the undergraduate level. Also, there are graduate programs that are known as one of the best in the world in business, law, art and medicine. Students are divided into 12 residential colleges and each college is being guided by a dean who lives with the students. This is another very popular University with the employers.


Probably the most well known university in the United States, Harvard stands on the third position of the top ten universities list. Founded in 1636, Harvard is very appealing for employers for graduates in medicine, business, education, engineering, law and government. Like Yale, Harvard is a tight community, with all graduates living within the campus. Although it is the most prestigious in USA, the reason for the third place is the higher price tag. Fourth on the top ten universities list, Stanford has 6602 undergraduates and is located thirty miles from San Francisco. Of the seven colleges on campus, only four offer programs for undergraduates. Stanford has great tradition in both sports and academics. The graduate programs in education, engineering, law, business and medicine are among the best. Recognized programs in music, theatrics and environmental research are also present. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is known for the most unique dorms in the world designed by architect Steven Holl. It has prestigious programs in engineering and mechanics, focused on scientific and technological research that is most times funded by government agencies.

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Sixth on the top ten universities list is the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Although it is a large public school, the private university is very well known. It offers great programs in education, management, law, engineering, nursing and public health. It is very affordable for residents of California. UCLA graduates are sought after by employers in a variety of fields. The top ten universities list is completed on the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth position by the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, the Columbia University in New York, the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and Cornell University, a rural Ivy League school, based in Ithaca, New York.

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