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List Of Accredited Universities Colleges In USA

Published at 03/09/2012 00:01:24


The recognition of universities all over the world is important to make sure that they have met the tolerable education standards. This is mainly done by the government through the ministry of high education and this is no exception to the accredited universities Colleges in USA. In US, the government does not regulate the practice of accreditation; the US secretary of education always provides a list of accredited universities. This will also make the citizens of the USA to have a clear knowledge of the best universities in their country hence have a large list from where they can choose from. Below is a list of some of the accredited universities Colleges in USA.

Major Accredited Universities Colleges in USA

Beginning in the list of accredited universities Colleges in USA is the University of Pittsburgh. To the locals it is commonly known as Pitt. It has received certification from middle states association of the colleges and schools. University of Pittsburgh offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. It is said that Pitt has a ratio of 16 to 1, student to teacher ratio and has a count of more than four hundred students clubs to choose from. This university has an offer it gives to the locals around it and for those who come from other states and countries face a much higher fee.

Another in the list of accredited universities Colleges is the University of California, Los Angeles. It is known as UCLA to most American citizens. This university is attributed by the Western connotation of schools and colleges. It is said to be one of the many varsities in USA that offers the largest number of choice for undergraduate majors in five academic categories, this number runs to a choice of 127. This also means the varsity boasts of a large number of students. It is one of the few accredited universities Colleges that offers undergraduate degrees only.

University of south Florida is another in the list of accredited universities Colleges in USA. To the residents it is also known as USF. This varsity is accredited by the commission on collages of southern association of colleges and schools. It is a university that has other eleven colleges that it houses. This has allowed it to offer 89 undergraduate majors and 139 graduate programs available, specialist and doctoral levels. It boasts of a large number of local state people than any other varsity.

Other Accredited Universities in USA

University of Washington is another of the accredited universities Colleges and which is also known as UW. It is accredited by the North commission on colleges and universities mainly for its remarkable performance. It offers more than 250 degree options and 500 student’s clubs organisation options. It offers scholarships to students from other parts of the world making it a very famous institution.

University of Michigan offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate options to its students. It appeared in the accredited universities Colleges for various reasons. It has the best quality equipment for research. It also offers scholarships to both local and foreign students. As one of the accredited universities Colleges in USA, it offers quality education system as well as research.


With this list of accredited universities Colleges in USA then you know what varsity to apply.