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Top 10 Universities in Australia


It is very easy to attain university level education in Australia due to the wide spread of top Universities across the country. The top 10 universities are University of Melbourne, Australia National University, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, Monash University, University of New South Wales, University of Western Australia, University of Adelaide, Macquarie University and University of Wollongong, in their ranking order.


University education is a further step in the learning hierarchy from high school education where students get academic and practical knowledge in any specific professional field of their choice and ability. For you to qualify for a degree program at any university in Australia you are required to have attained and passed high school education or alternative by other consideration such as work experience. Basically university education in Australia is job oriented where the modules offered are aligned to a specific field of employment.


There are several universities found in Australia that offer degree programs, masters, doctorates, PHDs, short academic courses and post graduate programs such as short-courses and diplomas. Basically these top 10 universities have faculties that are arts, business, commerce, education, engineering, health and behavioral sciences, law, medicine and science. Each faculty offer different programs like the faculty of commerce offers degrees in Finance, economics, accounting, management and marketing. If you are interested in enrolling to one of the top 10 universities in Australia you can get further information as to the requirements from one university to another as well as from one program to another. This information is obtained from each University’s website. Such information includes entry requirements, academic year, enrolment procedures and academic areas which are different faculties and college schools which you can choose in relation to area career aspirations. You would also need to know the fee structure, how fees are paid, information on study scholarships and prizes, the geographical location as well as the general history of the university. The top 10 universities in Australia also accept foreign students, thus you can enroll for any studies at one of the universities even if you are not an Australian citizen. It is important to know the requirements for foreign students and this information is readily available on the universities websites.

How to enroll for any study program

The information on how to apply for admission at any one of the top 10 universities can be easily be obtained from any University’s website and you can complete the application process online. What is important is to know the program that you want to study, the time you want to start, the fee structure and to distinguish yourself if you are a foreigner or not. This will guide you on the specific entry requirements and duration of the study program of your choice and other compliance issues if you are a foreigner such as a study permit. The admission criterion includes a higher education qualification and mature age where your work experience is considered as a pre-study entry requirement. Also the universities accept people with disabilities, thus generally they accept everyone who wants to further his education from all walks of life subject to meeting the entry requirements.

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