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Panama is situated at the Central America with a total area of 75, 517km land and 2.9% water. As of May 2010 consensus, the population of the Republican of Panama has reached 3,405,813, 92 % of the total population is literate. The Government of the Republican of Panama included education as part of their top priority.


PA universities portray a great role to the booming economy that the Republican of Panama is experiencing for many years now. The economic growth that ranked the Republican as # 60 of the fastest growing economy in Central America was made possible due to the quality outputs that PA universities were producing. The literacy comprises of 92.5% male and 91.2% female of the population of each class with a status as an upper middle income nation.


The top recognized PA universities in North America under the sovereign state are West Coast University- Panama, Technological University of Panama, University of Panama and University of Santa Maria La Antigua. The following courses that PA universities promotes: Public Administration, Architecture, Business Administration, Agricultural Science, Fine Arts, Natural Science and Technology, Education, Law and Political Science, Communication, Nursing, Economics, Humanities, Pharmacy, Medicine, Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Deontology, Veterinary Medicine, Graphic Design and Psychology.

West Coast University-Panama is a Christian institute that based their mission, vision, preaching, teaching and social work in accordance to the National and International level. It supply vocational and Professional Educational Services that is accredited by the Training Accreditation Council which provide graduate diploma courses to local and overseas, same with the other PA universities.

Technological University of Panama is a state university that is previously named as Engineering School of the University of Panama, later became Polytechnic Institute then was change to its present name to comply with needs of a new model of university for strict compliance under the government law. The Technological University of Panama was regarded as top recognized PA universities due to its achievement being the highest rank in the hierarchy of public institution. It offers (43) forty-three advanced careers, (28) twenty eight bachelor degrees, and (21) twenty-one technical careers.

University of Panama is a state institution that is inspired by the highest values and became the superior in education achievement. Several invitations around the world to their educators in the field of Science and Technology, law, medical health and economic to teach and share important notes to their field of study.

Finally, the last top recognized PA universities is the University of Santa Maria La Antigua. The institution that is capable of building solid foundation to students on scientific and humanistic knowledge. With a vision of solidarity through community service promoting a strong and responsible education that conforms to the practice of Christian morality and obligation.

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Education of Panama is a necessity to all citizens especially to children from 6-15 years of age. The law essential to this education system is to build a solid foundation to the future leaders of Panama. Stipulated under law that education should focus on Panama’s social class; thus, requiring students to learn different types of education to prepare them when they enter PA universities.

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