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5 Top Fashion Universities in the Usa

Published at 03/10/2012 16:41:42


When it comes to fashion universities, America has a lot of them. This is one country which houses one of the finest fashion schools and universities in the world. Currently, there are almost more than hundred fashion schools in America spreading all over the states of the country. However, some of them are the ones that really stand out. Such top fashion universities are those which have received international acclaim and students not only from the U.S., but from all over the world pour in to get their degree in fashion.

America is believed to be one of the most popular destinations for students who intend to pursue fashion education. Their fashion designing program is considered to be excellent, innovative and interesting because of which many international students select American fashion universities to get their degrees. As compared to other countries popular for having excellent fashion schools the American fashion schools have the most interesting programs to offer. In terms of course content, education level, student atmosphere these top fashion universities have set their own unique standards because of which they have made a mark in the world of fashion education.


America is one country full of really good fashion schools. All over the 52 states of the country you'd find excellent fashion universities which would offer great fashion programs. But then again there are certain top fashion universities that do stand out. among those 5 universities which are considered as the best in U.S. are mentioned here.

So here are the 5 top fashion universities in America:

  • Parson's Fashion School: This amazing fashion school is located in the city of New York. This university is perhaps the best in the entire country. I mean what more could you possibly call a college which taught fashion to legends like Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Donna Karan, and Tom Ford?
  • Fashion College of Technology: Another excellent university located in the city of New York. This is definitely one of the top fashion universities in USA With excellent educational faculty and course content the universities definitely amazing. The university has taught celebrities like Calvin Klein and Ralph Rucci. This just explains the standard of this school.
  • Pratt: as compared to the above two, this university is new. Still it has so quickly managed to become one of the top fashion universities of the country.
  • Academy of Art University: This amazing fashion school of San Francisco is very popular because of its fashion designing and marketing program. Not only popular in U.S., the university is recognized all over the world
  • Savannah College of Art and Design: The famous fashion school is located in Savannah and is really popular because of its undergrad fashion designing program.


Tips and comments

So these were the best 5 universities of the fashionable country America, though they are not the only good ones. One thing is important to know that these universities are quite expensive also. So if you are not a local citizen of America but still want your degree from this country then its better if you search for other universities such as Otis college of fashion and design and Columbus college of fashion and design.