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Top Universities With Fashion Design Majors


We live in an era where fashion has become a very important part of our life. We all want to look stylish and presentable in front other people as often the thing we are judged on is our sense of style. Sometimes our love for fashion becomes so apparent that we even want to study in this field. And to fulfill this need of ours there are many universities that offer major in fashion designing. Universities with fashion design can be found all over the world. You do not have to travel to another country for a university with fashion designing as you can find one nearer to home which offers state of the art education. Many of these universities have produced students that have made a great deal of name in the field of fashion designing. Many a times the alumni are called to give lectures to the newbie’s and enlighten them with their experience.


Students who are planning to apply to universities with fashion design need to be extra creative. They need to think of new and innovative ideas to market their products, keeping in mind the needs of the customer. They also need to be supple in using new material, working with new people and dealing with changing market fashion. Just having the enthusiasm and working round the clock is not enough. You really need to know your thing. You have to do everything to be your best because there is always someone out there who is working a lot harder than you. Moreover, accuracy also plays a vital role in it. You need to be extremely precise about your measurements as on wrong cut can destroy your whole outfit.


National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) is an association of schools, colleges and universities. It has around 309 members and it is working round the clock for the development of Fashion designing in universities worldwide. Two of the most famous universities with fashion design are Parsons and Pratt. These are located in New York City, America. Both of these universities offer Bachelors in Fashion Designing (BFA). The famous Tim Gunn also belongs to the New York City. The number of students accommodated in Parsons is 521. One of the notable things about Pratt is that it is one of the very few universities that offer a degree in editorial fashion designing along with BFA. Moreover, it organizes a fashion show every year on May 9 which many known personalities attend. Another university located at a very short distance in the city of Philadelphia is Drexel University. It is famous for having people like Oscar de la Renta, Anna Sui, Betsey Johnson, David Yurmen, Vera Wang, Ralph Rucci, Nicole Miller and Ralph Lauren Accessories Head Designer as its club members.

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These universities with fashion design are only some of the universities with fashion desig available worldwide. Many other universities are there that can be of your choice so search for the ones nearer to you that will not only accommodate you but whose tuition fees won’t be that much either.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/09/2012
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