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5 Historical Facts About Calcutta Universities

Published at 03/10/2012 23:13:17


Calcutta University was established on the 24th of January in the year 1857. It was the first modern university situated in South Asia, to offer education in several disciplinary, since the Senate of Serampore - which was the oldest institute to receive university status.


Rabindra Nath Tagore, C. V. Raman and Amartya Sen - these three Nobel laureates are associated to the Calcutta University. The education secretary of the British Government in India, Dr Fredrick John, first sent a suggestion to set up the university to the British Government in London so that the people would be educated and in turn would help them in ruling India. But at that time the proposal failed and thus did not succeed in getting the required authorization. However, an application to set up two universities, one in Bombay and the other in Calcutta was accepted shortly in 1854. The Calcutta University became functional in the year 1857, a 41-member Senate was appointed and since then they have been the policy making body of this educational institution. The first Chancellor of the Calcutta University was Governor General Lord Canning and the first Vice-Chancellor was Sir James William Colvile – he has also been the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Joddu Nath Bose and Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay were the first graduates of this university in the year of 1858.


• Calcutta University in India is renowned as a "Five Star University" as well as the "Center with Potential for Excellence" by the UGC or University Grants Commission.
• Among all the Universities of various states throughout the India, Calcutta Universities claim to hold the top position when it comes to students who have cleared the eligibility examination and have managed to get admission in the PhD program in Science.
• This entrance test that is the CSIR-UGC NET was conducted by the Central Government so as to enable deserving candidates to pursue their PhD studies with assistance from Government Scholarship.
• Calcutta Universities are urban-based universities for affiliation and research purposes and is run by the State Government. It is divided in four campuses.
• The Ashutosh Shiksha Prangan – It is the central campus in College Street, Kolkata.
• Rashbehari Shiksha Prangan – It is the science campus in Rajabazar. Now it is regarded as the Rajabazar Science College.
• Taraknath Palit Shiksha Prangan - It is also a science campus and is situated in Bullygunge. It is currently named, The Bullygunge Science College.
• The last one is the Sahid Khudiram Siksha Prangan, which comprises the Alipore, Hazra and South Sinthi campus.


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Calcutta University is one of the best universities of West Bengal and many famous colleges fall under the jurisdiction of this university. Calcutta universities offers courses in nearly all subjects. Students of Calcutta Universities are known to have excelled in the field they have chosen. The credit for this goes to the eminent teachers of the university. The right values instilled by the universities has enabled many students to excel in their respective fields.