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the Trend Towards Online Education Universities


There is an emerging trend which heavily relies on technology involving online education universities. These online education universities offer degree programs using the internet as the main medium of communication. In recent years the demand for virtual classrooms has increased as more students fore-go normal class for the online educational option.


Many conventional universities are rushing to create programs that can be offered via the internet as they realize that times are changing fast and the future of education will be in online education universities. Different colleges offer a variety of packages which may include full-time online programs or blended offline and online services. Online education universities allow the students to study at the speed they are comfortable with and at the same time creating a forum for students to interact on. The growing trend in online learning is raising questions about how effective is online education universities compared to the traditional ways of learning. Recent studies conducted by US department of Education have indicated that students enrolled in online education universities tend to perform better than in conventional classrooms. The research compared students in traditional learning facilities of higher education with those of students attending virtual classes between 1996 and 2008.


According to the research students who studied via online education universities scored 59 percent while those in conventional classrooms scored 50%. The research also shows that the future might be in online education universities though this does not mean that we are about to see the end of traditional classrooms. One of the highlights of the research seeks to point out to educational experts where the educational systems are headed and thus make appropriate preparations towards that shift. In future we are likely to see virtual schools pop-up everywhere and we better be prepared for this phenomenon. Most famous institutions of higher learning such as Kaplan have been offering programs through the online education universities for years. Kaplan is not only offering degree programs but has moved a step ahead and rolled out educational programs for high school and also for grades 6-12 which are customized for each learner. Kaplan is not new in the field of distance learning as it’s more than 70 years old in this field which means that the management clearly understand the direction that modern trends in education. Due to Kaplan’s experience in the online education universities programs, the number of students enrolling with the school has been increasing each year as more people turn to non-traditional learning techniques.


Online education universities use various methods to achieve their goals which includes Slide-sharing, videos and IM. With the current use of social media students using online services are able to attend seminars, learn new languages and get their homework done all in a day’s work. Critics of online education universities tend to argue that students who use such services risks becoming inept in certain aspects, however what they don’t know is that online studying allow the students to learn at their own pace but also engage in extra curriculum activities. Online learning is not easier than conventional classroom studying as it requires a lot of discipline and real time management skills for the student to accomplish their goals with the provided timeline.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 03/12/2012
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