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Europe boasts of being the home of some of the oldest institutions of higher learning. This means that some of the Europe Universities has been in existence for years. The continent has some of the top Europe universities can boasts of as they offer excellent educational programs. According to the Times Higher Education not less than three European universities made it to the top 10 of the best schools in the world, though America took most of the slots. Many great minds have passed through the gates of the Europe universities and moved on to come up with great ideas. A good number of modern intellectuals who have shaped the world have been educated at some of the top Europe universities.

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The Europe Universities cited as top best institutions of learning have international based approach to programs offered at their facilities. The European universities are also known for being quite proficient in research, citations and industry. Students who wish to get admitted in the top Europe universities have to score highly since there is stiff competition among student applying to join the universities. The United Kingdom has most of the top Europe universities since it was one of the places where higher learning began quite early. Some of its top Europe universities are credited with long standing tradition of turning out world leaders and great scholars ever produced in the world.

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The following is a list of the top most Europe Universities that any student can ever aspire to join:

  • University of Cambridge-based in United Kingdom and arguably a world famous centre of higher learning. Most of its graduates have moved on to become high ranking personalities in the world.
  • University of College London based in United Kingdom
  • University of Southampton based in United Kingdom
  • University of Oxford based in United Kingdom - A world renowned centre of excellence with huge resource allocation that allow the college to maintain high standards of education.
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology based in Switzerland

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  • University of Oslo based in Norway
  • University of Edinburg based in United Kingdom
  • University of Helsinki based in Finland
  • University of Glasgow based in United Kingdom
  • Uttretcht University located in Netherlands
  • University of Bolgona located in Italy
  • Universitat Wien located in Austria
  • Durham university located in the United Kingdom

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  • Freie Universitat Berlin based in Germany
  • Uppasala University also referred to as Uppasala universitet located in Sweden
  • University of Leeds based in United Kingdom
  • University of Warwick based in United Kingdom
  • Ludwig Maximillans Universitat Munchen based in Germany
  • Humboldt universitat zu Berlin located in Berlin
  • Universita di Pisa located in Italy


Most of the Europe Universities admits students from all over the world as they are recognized for upholding high standard of education. While some of the best Europe universities are public universities, other are privately owned. All of the top Europe Universities has some unique characteristics that make them standout as the best of the Europe and the rest of the world.

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