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What Are the Top 10 Europe Universities

Published at 03/09/2012 21:10:38


There are many European universities but here we will discuss top 10 universities in Europe. Europe is one of the countries in which the students from different countries come to study. In Europe the countries like Germany, Sweden, France and Denmark. Many international students come there to study further. The number of international students from all over the world has been increasing day by day. The students from China, India and South Korea are the main source of increasing the income of the institutes in Europe in academic market. There are 5 European universities which are competing with each other in recent rankings. Especially the students from Asia go to Europe for high standards of education. Students can get the education in English; just like in Germany and France without resorting to the native language of these countries.


Uppsala University:

It is situated in Sweden. It is the oldest center in Scandinavia. It is considered to be one of the best European universities. The master’s program of this university is well renowned which makes this university popular among all. The standard of studies in this university is very high and considered to be best for the students from all over the world.

Linkoping University:

It is well renowned due to the unique inter-disciplinary programmes of this university. This quality makes this university best for the students especially for Asian students. It is situated in Sweden and it was the first European university offering such programmes. The programmes include industrial engineering, management, information technology, engineering in IT, and Cognitive Science. It was considered one stop university where the students can have diverse courses to study under same degree programme. This university earned the name under the research and educational training due to well engineering, medicine and computer science. It is a place where a student can have innovative learning techniques.




Freie University Berlin:

As from the name of university we can come to know that it is located in Berlin. It provides a platform for excellent studies. This university won the German Universities Excellence Initiatives. This university is placed in the rankings of QS World University. It is at 27th rank in all over the world, and at 6th position in Europe.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH):

It is the university which is at fourth rank in Times Higher Education Europe. It is situated in Switzerland. ETH has won the noble prize for its best studies. The students of this university are really busy in curriculum's. The studies of this university are not easy.

École Normale Superieure De PARIS
This university is situated in Paris. It is considered to be one of the best institutes of France due to its higher standard studies. Its rank is 8th in Times Higher Education European Studies.Maastricht University:

This university is considered to be renowned due to its higher education. Teaching is innovative in this institute. 50% of the population of this university is international.

Ecole Polytechnique:

The culture of this university is excellent. The courses either under-graduate or masters level introduced in this university are well recognized. This university is home for the people of China, Singapore, India and Malaysia etc.

University of Gottingen:

This university is at the 9th place in Times Higher Education European Universities. This university is considered to be one of the highest ranks in the Europe. This university has got 45 Nobel prizes.



Tips and comments

University of CopenHagen:

UOC is situated in Denmark and largest institute of Denmark. This university is popular for its excellent education standards.

Karolinska Institute:

This is the popular university in Sweden. It is the medical university of Europe and considered to be the largest university of Europe. It comes in the 10th rank in the world which is non-US.