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Advantages Of Attending Black Universities


Black universities are simply higher educational institutions that are meant to serve the black people in the US. There are several benefits and advantages of attending such universities. This is from the services provided, amenities and affordable education. Black universities serve many students and have been in existence for many years.


The idea of black universities was implemented over a century ago. This was a decision of freed slave’s leaders with the aim of educating other slaves at liberty. The universities began as simple colleges and high schools. The main reason for black universities was because the black people were not permitted in colleges and universities for the whites. Currently, more than one hundred black universities have already been established in the US.


One of the greatest advantages with black universities is that there’s no racial discrimination. This gives one a cool environment of culture identification. Rather than attending the white universities, one does not feel like a minor before the others. All are treated the same and have similar privileges as well. This way, a sense of worth is raised from individual basis hence improving interaction with everyone. On educational basis, students in black universities face higher expectations from lecturers. This is in addition to black culture education being considered. All these allow black students acquire the necessary strategies in dealing with racial discrimination. Affordability is the other advantage with black universities. This runs from time in history to modern days. The costs and fees with these universities are much lower when compared to the white universities. This creates great room for students to acquire the right skills with no strain. The same are also provided with vast scholarships which are highly available. These scholarships make the experience even more cheap as well as the tuition.

The other advantage of attending black universities is on the curriculum. This covers all cultures of both black and white people. Rather than learning specific ethnic groups, these universities provide a broad experience to their students. This is also clear from the lecturers and professors the universities. They are selected from various ethnic groups thus improving multicultural experience. The overwhelming experience of freedom is an advantage for students attending black universities. A high percentage of roles in decision making in the universities are held by students. This prepares students with leadership skills for both while in the university and afar. This leads to a high number of students graduating on their four year degree. Other factors leading to increased number of graduates in black universities are the compassionate staff, small size classes and full support in academics.

Tips and comments

Basically, there are vast advantages of attending black universities. These universities provide a better environment for every student. Such factors create a good environment that students abroad enjoy the environment and feels at home. The integration of various cultures in black universities also adds the experience of covering broad ethnicities. These universities also offer online studies to black students from abroad. This creates a great chance for any student in other countries. With all these advantages, additionally to availability of scholarships, it becomes easy to achieve education to greater heights.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/12/2012
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