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Published at 03/15/2012 20:08:39


Generally a national university is run and created under the government system but it can also be run without the government involvement. The national universities are associated with politics and national cultural aspirations mostly. In the early days of independence they collected a lot of information on language and culture for instance the national university of Ireland. National universities offer full time graduate, masters and doctoral degrees. The colleges are widely involved in giving extensive and intensive research.


Some of the top ten national universities ranked in the world are as follows
Cambridge, MA
It is located in Boston and it is known to be the oldest national university in the country. It is the most endowed school world wide.
Princeton University
This is also another national university school which is privately owned. It is located in Princeton town. It grants loans to the needy hence helping them pursue higher education in their fields.


The Yale University
It is located in new haven, TC and offers majorly research. This is a centre for learning, socializing and has a good student life which is divided into 12 residential colleges.
Columbia University
It has more than 300 hundred undergraduates’ schools. It is a privately run national university and provides accommodation for the students in all years on campus. Located in Manhattan near New York City.

Tips and comments

The California institute of technology
Its major courses are science and engineering .it is involved in doing wide research. With grants from different foundations in the USA.
Massachusetts institute of technology
This is also another good national school and its best known in mathematics, engineering, humanities, architecture, social science and management. It is located near Boston town.
Stanford University
Located in California near is a privately run institution. It combines teaching, learning and research therefore giving students a wide range of opportunities in research.
University of Chicago
This is also a private university which is located in Chicago. It stands out in the list of national universities in the world.
University of Pennsylvania
This is a private university located in Philadelphia. It offers undergraduates studies in arts and science, nursing, appied sciences and engineering.
Duke University
Its location is in Durham, and it offers arts and engineering programs for undergraduate students. The national university is also known for their men’s basketball team.
The criteria of coming up with the national universities in the world is not also very accurate. A variety of reasons can be attributed to that, which may include; differing education system and their many numbers in the world. In the list there are many national universities which have not been mentioned .the fact is that to contact research in finding out the best national schools is not an easy task and the results which are made may not necessarily mean that the schools appearing above are actually the best. There needs to be established a universal criteria of studying the schools to determine their qualifications for the listing on the world chart of the best schools.