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Top Training Universities For Medical Professionals


In regards to the many number of schools offering medical courses, the different education systems prevalent in the contemporary world ,it is quite hard to compile a list of the top medical training universities in the world. Thus there is no accurate method of ranking them. We can only list some of the ten top medical training universities which appear on the charts mostly when medicine is mentioned.


The University of Harvard
It is arguably the top medical training University in the world. In most occasions it is ranked in the best positions whenever it comes to medicine.
The university was founded in the year 1782 and has now developed into seven departments. It is estimated that the Harvard University is run on a budget of more than USD 600 million in a year. This reflects high student spenditure and equipped facilities for research. The Harvard medical training University is thus ranked as the leading world wide in medicine.


University of Cambridge
This is the fourth oldest medical training university .it is based in the is also known to have the best biomedical research facilities world wide. It is diversified in research and research in the following fields is conducted including; genetis, cancer, cardiovascular medicine, stem cell, epidemiology, transplantation medicine, neuroscience, mental health among other medical fields.

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In Cambridge students are trained clinical medicine.
The john Hopkins University
It is located in Maryland United States of America with an approximate number of 500 enrolled medical students. In their fiscal year research can cost as much as USD 1.70 billion .the medical training university was started in the year is known for high tuition fee.
The university of pennyslaivania
It is in the list of ten top medical training universities in the world it has an intake of almost 650 students. Affiliated to the Pennsylvania hospital is the first medical school in the United States of America.
University of oxford
Based in the UK and appears on the top list of medical training universities in the world.termed as the first higher learning institution in the world.has a varied department
The University of California
It is ranked among the best medical training university in is famous for research in the fields of microbiology, biomedical science and immunology
Yale University
Its history dates back in the year 1810 becoming one of the first medicine school world wide. Best known for research on health.
Columbia University
It is leading in health and medical education in the world. With an annual budget of USD 2 billion.
Karolinska University
It is based In Sweden. It is a centre for medicine and research and was founded in 1810 at Stockholm
The University of Dundee
Located in Epony it has been ranked as the top medical training university in the has an intake of around 150 students including 11 students from oversees. It also offers both undergraduate and post graduate studies and has both distance learning and part time programs
Among the top medical training universities in the world also are university of Leiden, university of Zurich, university of Munich etc.when aiming a career in medicine .you should not hesitate joining the above medical training universities of the world. This is because of their best educational facilities in the world. They form the list of top medical training universities in the world.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 03/15/2012
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