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Marketing can be defined as a process that companies use to build relationships with their customers or we can say it is a technique of creating value for customers in order to capture value from them in return. The value of marketing in firms is of great importance and over the years as the worth of it has been realized and many universities have started offering marketing as a proper subject. Many different marketing universities have been constructed solely for the purpose of educating more and more individuals in this field. Marketing is considered to be a subject of higher education and the only factor remaining constant in the higher education sector is that it is always changing.


Marketing and communication are taught side by side and are highly opted subjects by the youth today. Every marketing university has its own way and style of teaching. Some universities have divided the subject offering different majors. A common example seen are majors such as Marketing and Marketing Management being offered in various universities. The Marketing major is for the students who just want to study the subject for understanding what marketing is whereas, the marketing management major is opted by those who want to pursue a career in marketing. The subject is taught at under graduate level as well to students of the Bachelors in business administration program. This enables them to get a clear vision of whether they want to opt for it as a subject in higher education or not. Students are given a detailed education in areas such as consumer behavior, advertising and methods of research. All these are essential if you plan to pursue a career in marketing later on in life.


Marketing universities are filling themselves up with more and more students with every passing year. This field having high scope on a national and international level is attracting a high number of individuals towards itself. A large percentage of graduates with a marketing degree are immediately hired as sales representatives and department managers. With the constant issue of increasing unemployment all across the world this subject has opened up seats to a large number of people. Marketing ranges over a number of different areas and that is why it is considered a subject of higher education and marketing universities have been established. It is about advertising, management, handling and purchasing of goods, financing, sales and research.

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If you are searching for a field to pursue a career in you should bring marketing under consideration. With its bright scope in the near future and increasing demand it is surely a subject that could take you to a completely different level of success. Studying marketing could also help you in becoming an entrepreneur later in life. What job you can get depends on whether your whole combination of study was more media based or business based. Depending on this, we have seen that business based students get better jobs then those who have studied media but nevertheless both do find suitable jobs to fulfill their requirements and comforts.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/11/2012
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