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About Park Universities

Published at 03/12/2012 21:10:36


About Park Universities

Park Universities is an institution that was established back in 1875. It was a religiously associated school and has recently expanded. Park Universities has been accredited by NCA, the North Central Association of Colleges. Their campus is located in Parkville, Missouri. They have different campuses about, forty of them in twenty-one different states all across the United States.


Park universities were originally called Park College and they offered free education for the students as long as they worked in the college, on the farm and at other places associated with Park Universities. In its first ever academic year, there were only seventeen students that were enrolled in the university. In 1889, Park Universities started having a relationship with the military. Park Universities only got its name ‘Park University’ in 2000.


Park Universities has a lot of schools and colleges for its students. It also offers online degree programs along with the other schools. There’s the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Hauptmann School, Kansas City Area, School of Business, School for Education, School for extended Learning and Graduate School. Since we all have very busy lives and some of us of have to juggle education and jobs together, it’s hard to make it to every class that is being held on campus, Park Universities understands that and that is why they offer very affordable and convenient online degree programs. This is a very good opportunity for all those who think they cannot study from a prestigious and well known university online. Park Universities have a long history of being a very significant and esteemed chain of institutions. If you are interested in arts and sciences, then Park Universities also offers great programs in their College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The ones interested in Business, the Park School of Business is the best place to go! It has a reputation that exceeds itself and is known to be one of the one of the best business schools in the United States. The business school has very interesting guest’s speakers and also has the CEO of Sprint on their faculty. He has a series of lectures that he delivers for the students of Park Universities. They offer flexible and academically enriched Master of Business Administration degree as well. The School for Extended Learning is a great opportunity for people to study about the global community and learn about transformational learning at Park Universities. These programs are available on every campus of Park Universities all across the United States.

Tips and comments

Applying to Park Universities is also very simple and convenient. You can apply online, on the web-based application system. First you are required to make an account on the website, and then fill out the online form. It is as easy as that! Park Universities also offers, financial aid for candidates that qualify for it, and scholarships are also given. You can even visit your nearest Park Universities and take a tour of the campus and also talk to the students and teachers to get a better perspective if you like.