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Published at 03/15/2012 19:21:28


It is probably one of the hardest, toughest decision one has to make when its time to choose a college or university for a young adult. There a nearly millions of colleges and universities world wide, and find the top list universities and colleges that might interest you is a major task. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before taking the first step of deciding, and the road is long enough to make you tired even before you reach your destination. Before you can obtain the top list universities and colleges, factors like admission requirements, financial considerations, geographical consideration, programs and courses of interest are very essential and need to be taken into account. The cost of even normal education has sky-rocketed to the moon, and it is not in everyone’s grasp. To find a good list universities and colleges, you will need to keep a few factors in mind before taking any decision. You can use a ranking process on all those universities and colleges of your interest. This can help you determine which college or university is suitable for you and your needs.

Step 1

You cannot just look into every university or college that comes your way. You need top list universities and colleges that interest you, or offer programs of your interest. Compose for you a list of all those essential factors that are you looking for in a university or college. These may include the program you are interested in, the financial cost, the college or university enrollment requirements and statistics, location of the institution, size of campus, admission criteria, faculty etc or any other possible factor missed out on here.

Step 2

To get top list universities and colleges, all those that interest you, jot down the names of the leading ones, and shortlist out of those. You can also get universities and colleges list through the College Board. You simply need to type in your criteria and a list will appear before you of all the colleges according to your requirement. You can also broaden the criteria if you want. The more vast your criteria, the more results you will end up with.

Step 3

You can collect out all the information of the colleges you have short-listed. You can get all the information you need regarding college faculty, campus life, campus life, location, admission criteria, programs and its requirements. You can also have a virtual tour of the campus itself through the many videos posted on the website.

Step 4

Read out the reviews of the students themselves studying there to get a firsthand idea about the college itself. Also, you can read out what the students think of their professor's way of teaching and skills.

Step 5

Tip 5

To find out top list universities and colleges, check out the report by Forbes, the Princeton Review and US News & World Report to see where the college or university of your interest ranks. These reports will broaden your views and make it easy for you to select a college or university of your liking.