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What Are the Best Ny Universities


The state of New York is one of the largest states in the united state of America. The state is termed the major center of business in the whole nation and is also blessed with so many natural endowments. This same state can also boost of many colleges, polytechnics and other higher institutions. And when we talk about the educational institutions, each Ny University as New York University is referred to offers ranges of undergraduate courses and disciplines. There are also master’s and doctoral degrees available with each requiring extensive researches. Following are the best universities in the cities of New York states of United State of America.

Columbia University

This is one of the best and oldest universities in the whole united state of America. It is situated in the central city of the state and now has about seven global centers in Beijing, Istanbul, Amman, Santiago, Nairobi, Paris and Mumbai. Founded by George 11 the great in the eighteen century (1754), this Ny University is now under the management of private board of trustees. The institution main campus is now at Morningside Height at Manhattan.

The Columbia Ny University is one of the founding members of the American Universities Association and happens to be the first institution to ever award Master degree. It has been the Alma matter of some notable citizens of the United State such as head of states, justices of the Supreme Courts and also many academic scholars. Notable scientific achievements are first Uranium atom split, laser equipment and FM radio invention, Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) in cells and many more.

New York University

This is also one of the best universities in New York State. NYU as New York University is called is one of the largest private universities in the whole nation and is located in Manhattan (Greenwich Village). The first fraternity in united state was formed in the Ny university. And the founder, Albert Gallatin, the secretary of Treasury during Thomas Jefferson rein was also made the first President of the University. The University admits candidates based on their good intelligence and merits and not on their social status, birthright or reputation in the society. This Ny University was incorporated in 1831 as the University of the City of New York and elected into the Association of American Universities in 1950. It has graduated many Nobel Prize winners, Medical doctors and so many academic scholars.

Yeshiva University

The oldest higher institution in the United State is Yeshiva University. It has six campuses that are sparsely located in the city of New York and there is presently one campus in Israel. Yeshiva Ny University is a research institution that was created to promote the Jewish cultures as well as teaches sciences, medicines, businesses, liberal arts and psychology to mention just a few. It was formally an elementary school that used to teach English language and offer those immigrants of the time, Talmud and some secular educations. It was founded in 1886 at Etz Chaim, Yeshiva, Manhattan. Other best institutions in the New York state are Fordham Ny University, Cornell and University of Rochester.

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