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The city of New York is considered to be an educational hub. The city has one of the largest state-funded college educational systems. SUNY, or generally known as State University of New York, has more than 60 public campuses offered in various towns and cities. Out of the many cities, Syracuse is one such city located in the up-state New York area and has a SUNY university. Other than SUNY, there are many other public and private universities Syracuse. These Syracuse universities offer four-year degree program from which students can pick one of their own choice.

Syracuse city is the county seat of Onondaga County itself. Situated in the central area of the city, Syracuse is considered to be the heart of New York City. The city is located at the cross roads to major subways, railways, interstates and the Erie Canal. With a large number of region convention centers and facilities and educational centers and business headquarters, the city is a home to these many centers. You can find a number of higher educational centers within the larger city areas.

Factors For Considerations

Finding good Syracuse universities may not be much of a task, but finding a university according to your will, needs and desires might be one. The key to finding a good university requires from you a few things like the program you’re interested in, campus life and your lifestyle, admission requirements and financial factors. If you give these factors some consideration, then there won’t be much of an issue finding a good university in the city of Syracuse.

Number Of Leading Colleges And Universities In Syracuse

The city, being a center to many educational institutions, is home to many leading institutions like SUNY itself. With a choice this great, the students find it very easy to pick out a college that meets their interest or liking.

Syracuse University

Syracuse University, out of the many universities in Syracuse, is one of the leading research institutions in the country. The university was founded in the late 19th century, making it a very old and established one. The enrollment number of the university, which includes both undergraduates and graduates, is around 5,000 annually. The SU campus is situated in the University Hill section of the city. The city has 10 different programs offering 200 degrees in these various programs.

Bryant and Stratton College

The long standing group, the Bryant and Stratton group of colleges, also has a college in the city of Syracuse. The Bryant and Stratton College is a member of this long-standing leading group of colleges. The Bryant and Stratton group of colleges have established a chain of leading institutions throughout the Untied States. Initially, the college had a two-year business institution but that gradually grew over time. Now the college offers a four-year degree granting program.

Empire State College

Universities Syracuse also includes the Empire State College. The institute is located a few miles away from the city in Saratoga Springs, New York. The institution is also a SUNY university. This is the only school out of 13 which is designated as a Liberal Arts institution. The institution is another one of leading Syracuse universities specializing in catering to adult learners. They offer customize academic program for their learners. The institution also offers various degree programs to undergraduate and graduate students.

Le Moyne College

Le Moyne College, another one of universities Syracuse, is a private institution. It is a Jesuit college which is located in Syracuse city. The institution is a dynamic four-year liberal art school it itself. The college serves more than 30 undergraduate programs for its learners. Also, for graduate students, the college offers a business administration degree.


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