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If you are planning on taking up a doctoral degree in Mississippi, there are many Ms universities that offer high-quality graduate education. As a student, you are lucky enough to be in Mississippi, what with the high standards of education offered by the universities in the state.

After all, it is so important to get the best quality of education for your doctoral degree, which is the highest of academic honors. Specifically, PhDs or degrees that grant you the title doctor of Philosophy will equip you with the necessary skills, strategies, and qualifications for your professional development. One of the main reasons why classroom instruction holds such a significant role in education is because students are guided accordingly. Despite the classroom setup, most PhD curricula often involve more practical applications, one of which is research.


In an article by Khadid Aziz, an esteemed professor of earth sciences and energy resources engineering at Stanford University, he states that a PhD degree is not for everyone. It requires particular characteristics and capacities from a student. Getting a PhD degree should also be in line with one’s professional goals.

With these in mind, you need to assess yourself whether you are fit for a PhD or not. If you think that you have the necessary qualifications, perseverance, and objectives, then doctorate studies will benefit you greatly. If you are scouting for a good university in Mississippi offering PhD programs, read on and learn about two of the most prestigious MS universities.


Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University offers an extensive Graduate program, with over 3,800 graduate students presently enrolled in one of the 135 doctoral, masters, and other graduate degrees offered by the university. For PhD degrees alone, prospective students can pick from among a wide range of choices: Applied Physics, Cognitive Science, Elementary Education, Forest Resources, Molecular Biology, Wildlife and Fisheries, Weed Science, Instructional Systems and Workforce Development, Environmental Toxicology, Public Policy and Administration, and so many more. Among the MS universities, this university also boasts of competitive academic research, conducted both nationally and globally.

The University of Mississippi

Unique from other MS universities, this university envisions itself to be a great American public university which allows minds to engage, lives to be transformed, and service to be granted to others. Students who wish to excel in research and be cultivated with individual integrity as well as academic freedom are welcome in this university. The University of Mississippi Graduate School aims to provide leadership, administrative structure, and cooperation. There are a variety of programs to choose from, clustered into different schools. These said schools include School of Accountancy, School of Applied Sciences, School of Business Administration, School of Education, School of Engineering, School of Journalism and Media, College of Liberal Arts, School of Pharmacy, and Online Degree Programs. These schools cater to different academic needs, with over a hundred masters, specialist, and doctoral programs to choose from. The Graduate School of this university works in partnership with the Ronal McNair Program, which allows deserving, low-income students, as well as students belonging to underrepresented groups, to gain a graduate degree and help these student go upward the academic and professional ladder. Each year, over 28 students are selected to undertake this amazing scholastic opportunity.

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The graduate programs of Mississippi State University and The University of Mississippi both offer so many advantages and opportunities for their students. Enroll now in any of these top MS universities and witness the inevitable rise and success in your academic and professional development.

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