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By the end of 2004, China had 2,236 colleges and universities, with over 20 million students enrolled. More than 6 million Chinese students graduated from university in 2008. The ‘Project 211’ for creating 100 universities in China began in the mid 1990’s, and has merged more than 700 institutions of higher learning into about 300 universities. Corresponding with the merging of many public universities has been the rapid expansion of the private sector since 1999. As of 2006, private universities accounted for around 6 percent of student enrollments or about 1.3 million of the 20 million students enrolled in formal higher education.


A fascinating country full of contrasts, China provides a magnificent glimpse of the past history, picturesque scenery, fine cuisine, bright lights and a charming culture. As the number of universities is growing in China, it is rapidly emerging as a prospective country for international students, not just from the neighboring nations, but form the Western Hemisphere as well. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree amidst these spectacular highlights of this electrifying country will get you a head start in international job offers and opportunities in the large competitive market. China is increasingly becoming an international study destination, offering a plethora of study courses for undergraduate studies. The strong worldwide reputation earned by the education system and world class facilities has led China into international competitiveness with leading educational institutions of North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and other nations. The undergraduate programs undertaken by students awards them with a Bachelor’s degree, recognized and honored round the globe. The associate degree and bachelor’s degree conferred upon by Chinese universities are accredited and appreciated highly in the professional world. An undergraduate course from an institution in China is known for high quality education, extensive research opportunities, eminent teaching faculty and lucrative career openings.


The education system in China is quite similar to the one followed in the USA. Students have the option of getting enrolled in an undergraduate course, running for duration of 2 or 6 years. Depending upon the program chosen, students will be awarded with an associate degree or bachelor’s degree. An associate degree in the universities of China lasts for 2 to 3 years, comprising of coursework and assignments. For a bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, students have to dedicate about 4 to 6 years of comprehensive learning and qualify in the necessary examinations to complete the program. Although a regular or honors bachelor’s program can be completed in 4 years of study, medical students are required to study for one or two extra years and an additional one year for internship.

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If you are considering a university in China, you should know that the academic calendar of universities in China is organized into two semesters – Fall and Spring. While Fall semester runs from mid September to January or early February, the Spring semester begins in February or early March until mid July. However, some universities admitting international students postpone their start date to end of September or mid October, especially for courses like MBBS or engineering, taught in English.

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