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Arizona is located in the southwest of America and there are a number of well reputed universities of Arizona. In order to gain a better analysis on this topic, it is important to cover it in the form of categories. So, we can include those institutions in this category which are providing higher education and post secondary education as well. So, if we were to map out universities of Arizona, we would initially get public institutions and private institutions. There is further break in the hierarchy with four year, two year and tribal institutions in the public institutions category. On the other hand, private consist of four year and graduate institutions.


In order to know about the history of the universities of Arizona, it is important to know the history of Arizona and the kind of people that have lived here. Arizona has a different historic precedent from the remainder of America in the way that it was discovered by Spanish explorers. This lead to an influence that remained from 1500’s to 1800’s. The earlier development of education took place when the Mormons settled in N. Arizona and started development projects. Based on this precedent, the Tempe Normal School, (later known as Arizona State University) was established. Proper legislation was introduced in the House and this school was started. Similar development progressed and now the universities of Arizona have exceeded in number. Private institutions have also developed, though the research funding is a major question.


As highlighted in the introduction section, we have the hierarchy of public and private institutions when it comes to universities of Arizona. The education model is uniform with the general education standards set in America. Among the four year public institutions, the most famous ones include Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona. All of these are quite renowned and form of the doctoral universities of Arizona. If one were to compare it to the private sector, we have the Arizona Christian University, The Art Center Design College, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Prescott College. All of these are four year institutions and offer graduate programs. In the private sector, A.T. Still University is a medical school and Midwestern University offers health sciences graduation programs. The business school in private category includes the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Coming back to the public institutions, we have Arizona Western College and Central Arizona College in the two year institutions category. While there are dozens of others, these are the most famous ones.

Tips and comments

People who are living outside of America and want to apply for admission in Arizona’s universities should apply well before hand. Normally, the admission procedure takes place a year before the commencement of classes. It is important that all relevant qualification tests like GRE and language competency tests be provided, so that the admission process could be done before time. People who intend to do research should get in touch with a supervisor in the relevant university in Arizona. In order to do research here, you would have to get clearance from the supervisor first.

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