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University is a higher educational and research institute that allots degrees in various subjects. It is an organization associated with instructions, analysis and experiments of advanced studies. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate educations. Union universities are a private Evangelical Christian organizations of liberal arts. They have several campuses located in Jackson Tennessee, Hendersonville Tennessee and Germantown Tennessee. The Union Universities are affirmed and affiliated with Tennessee Baptist Convention and incorporate with Southern Baptist Convention.


In 1823 Jackson Male Academy was constituted soon after the establishment of West Tennessee. In 1907, a 6,000 volume library was left to the university by Dr. T.T Eaton who was also a trustee of Southern Baptist University. The name of the university soon changed to Union. In 1925, Union university became affiliated with Southern Baptist Convention. It was granted accreditation in 1948 by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. From a period of 1965 to 1985, under the supervision of President Robert Craig and President Hyran Barefoot, the admissions were increased from 1,000 enrollments to 2,000 enrollments. Several more units were constructed. In 1995, David S Dockery was the fifteenth president of Union Universities to be appointed. He brought many improvements in the Union Universities. He introduced Christian higher education, increased the student numbers to 3500 in 2004, built two more residence halls, and guaranteed scholarship and research services. New undergraduate subjects like ethics, sports medicine, sports management, church history, digital media studies, political science, theology, physics along with added programs in research were included. Moreover, several graduate educational programs were introduced like M.ED, Ed. D and Ed.S. Union universities extend into additional campuses.


Union Universities offers a diverse set of learning opportunities. The student body consists of about more than 4,200 undergraduates and graduates from different states and countries. It is private and coeducational Christian organization that runs a four year program and provides masters, bachelors and doctoral degrees. The current programs of study are Arts (that encompasses Ceramics, Digital Media Studies, Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Drawings and Graphic designs), Biology (cell, general and conservative biology), Zoology, Business Administration like Economics, Management, Marketing, International Business and Actuarial Science. Other programs are Communication arts (that is associated with journalism, theater ans speech advertising, film studies). Furthermore, there are Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Education, Engineering, History, Literature, Music, Mathematics, Languages, International and Intercultural studies, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Nursing, Physical and wellness education, sports and various others. The union has an apartment like living style. Each apartment is allotted to three students. It has three bedrooms, kitchen units, TV cables and a high speed internet connection. Some apartments also provide a private telephone line, washer and a dryer. There are numerous social and academic fraternities, sororities, clubs, and societies. The campus newspaper is called The Cardinal and Cream. There are sports programs that participate in NAIA tournament every year. Men's sports involve soccer, basketball, baseball, golf and others. Women's sports are volleyball, soccer, cheer leading and basketball.

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The Union Universities are one of the top of universities In USA. Inquiries about finance, admissions, programs and others can be addressed to the University directly. Several guest lectures are held yearly. They offer excellence, enhance professional and graduate educational programs, provide a quality staff and a conductive and great environment for the growth of character and individuality.

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