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Published at 03/20/2012 14:19:33


Journalism is a field that is not only rich in history but also opportunities. This is one field that one can never go wrong with if they have embraced it with the necessary enthusiasm and commitment. This is one among many reasons why there is a huge stream of individuals to universities for journalism programs.

The journalism program in these universities is rich and diverse one. The study has gone far much more that mare journalism schools to incorporating business and creativity in their syllabus coverage. Due to its high demand, most universities have gone ahead and established schools specifically meant for journalism.


The Former Conference General Robert E. Lee is the one who spearheaded the formalization of education in journalism during his time as the president of Washington Lee University in 1860s. The University of Missouri and Missouri School of Journalism were among the very first institutions where journalism was taught.

Currently there are several established universities as well as other tertiary colleges that offer courses in journalism. Some of them have even considered specializing in this area exclusively. There are other institutions that are specifically specialized in journalism. Consequently other universities have integrated journalism in their systems together with other courses.


There are various journalism courses at different levels that one can enroll for. The levels that one can take up include certificate, diploma, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. The courses that one can specialize in these journalism universities include mass media, video production and photojournalism among other courses.

Most journalism universities offer robust study programs that will ensure productive graduates. This means that they do not only specialize on imparting the knowledge on journalism and mass communication. They offer support courses that will guarantee the very best graduated to the job market.

There are various modes of learning that you can settle for i.e. campus learning or online learning. The mode selected should not be exclusively based on one bearing. You should base your choice on reliability, convenience, price and location.

Online education is most preferred for those who have other commitments to attend to. These are mainly those who have committing careers which they are perusing and would like to further. The advantage of going through online journalism universities is that you get enough spare time to do other things plus you get to pay less.

Tips and comments

When you are choosing journalism universities, you should look for those universities that are accredited. You can also look for those online websites that review the best journalism universities that you might consider viable. Accreditation is one important feature that you never want to take for granted if you want success with journalism.

When enrolling in journalism universities, you should look for more than the course you want to major in. it is important to look at the other subsidiary courses that the university is offering together with the journalism course. Course such as creativity, business and information technology will improve your career.

The process of choosing the best university is never an easy task. This means that you will have to look for information from other credible sources. These might be online website or career centers.