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Mba Top Universities For Managers

Published at 03/28/2012 12:50:40


In today’s world, the importance of MBA cannot be guessed or under rated. It is the world’s most popular field of study, designed to make students understand major functions of business. Now MBA is considered as entry qualification for higher management.

In many industries MBA is considered as essential qualification. At many places it is impossible to get a job without MBA degree. Top MBA universities introduce MBA in order to give awareness about the different areas of business as marketing, finance operations management and human resources.

There are countless top MBA universities overall the world. It is always beneficial to select top MBA universities for your studies. Top MBA universities offer both, part time and full time business management courses. This is also an advantage for students to choose feasible time schedule. In this field of study, students have opportunities to learn from each other and they get a lot of exposure to outer world.


If we go back to history, we come to know that MBA was first introduced by Tuck School of Business in 1900 in United States. They offered advanced degree in commercial science. Then in 1908, at Harvard University, Graduate school for Business Administration was formed with 47 special students, 33 regular and had a faculty of 15 plus. Harvard University is one of top MBA universities.

In 1943, Booth School of Business was established at University of Chicago. It offers Executive MBA program. Such programs are present in almost all top MBA universities. Then in 1946, Thunderbird School of Global management offered global management for the first time.

In 1950, MBA degree was awarded in Canada at University of Western Ontario. Then INSEAD occupied the position as the first European Business School to offer MBA program. The process continues and today, we have countless top MBA universities in developing as well as developed countries.


Top MBA universities have almost similar features. The syllabus designed for MBA by top MBA universities is very comprehensive, that enables the students to cope with ever changing economic environment. It is usually divided in four semesters.

The first two semesters offer compulsory courses that work as the basis of whole management syllabus. Last two semesters may have both compulsory as well as specialization subjects. The major project to be submitted by the end of the degree it is highly complex and submitted by group of students.

Top MBA universities expose a great variety of subjects, which enable students to choose any area of interest for specialization. Top MBA universities provide well educated learned professors, who are trained enough to teach as well as guide students.

MBA students are provided with all required facilities, such as big rooms, multimedia, video rooms etc. Top MBA universities arrange different events to let student interact with outsiders. They also conduct job fares to offer a wide range of job opportunities.

Tips and comments

Today we have a wide range of top MBA universities offering MBA degree. While selecting university for doing MBA, we have to be keen because MBA is a very important field that gives a lot of chances to students to interact with people around the world. If one is good with communication and has some convincing power, MBA is the right field for him.