the Top Universities Mba Students Graduate From
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the Top Universities Mba Students Graduate From

Published at 03/17/2012 11:42:31


the Top Universities Mba Students Graduate From

MBA is one of the most sought after postgraduate courses in the world. It not only helps the students in landing into their dream corporate companies in the world, but also helps the organization in receiving the best managerial talent to help run the organization better. MBA is conducted all across the world in various top MBA universities, with various specializations. Most of these top MBA universities even offer regular industry visits and corporate learning to enhance the skills of the students. Thus, for a better and secured future, students must choose the top MBA universities in the world, which enables them to get placed into their dream organizations.

Stanford Graduate School of Business: The best university for a MBA in the world right now, Stanford has been ranked 1 among the top MBA universities. A student needs to give various entrance exams like GMAT, IELTS or TOEFL in order to get them admitted to the prestigious MBA program conducted here. Recent study of this business school has shown a shocking increase of 125% increase in the salary of the students passing out. But one has to remember the fact that experience in a particular field for approximately 4 – 6 years is essential for getting admission over here.

Harvard Business School: The most popular business school and the dream destination for MBA aspirants, HBS has been ranked 2 among the top MBA universities in the world. Though, an average score of 740 – 780 in GMAT is enough to apply for an MBA program in HBS, but the leadership skills and diverse field experience required, for final admission makes the MBA program the toughest one, among all other top MBA universities. Therefore, while applying to HBS for an MBA, one must make sure that he or she has an experience of minimum 4 years in the field with proven leadership skills.

Wharton Business School: The business school of the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton has been ranked 3 recently in the list of top MBA universities of the world. With an increase by almost 120% recently, Wharton graduates are truly adored all over the world. But, like both HBS and Stanford, Wharton too needs a high GMAT score and some years of experience in order to take admission to their MBA program. Placements were never a concern at Wharton.

London Business School: The only business school of the 5 top MBA universities of the world, LBS makes it to rank 4. Various admission criteria can haunt potential candidates, but one must remember that it is one of the most esteemed and classical management schools with a huge reputation profile. Till now, students prefer entering London Business School than any other business schools in the world.


Columbia Business School: One of the top MBA universities of the world, Columbia is preferred by many candidates, who like to enter into one of the top business schools where the admission criteria are little relaxed than the others. But then again, the criteria are not as relaxed as one might imagine.Always remember that these universities require some amount of experience in their respective field. Inexperienced candidates are not having any chance of entering these universities.