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the Top 5 Universities Of Uk Origin


Universities of UK have the finest education standards when it comes to the higher education. The universities of UK have produced many brilliant individuals who are now serving the whole world in different fields. Below are 5 top universities of UK.

University of Cambridge: University of Cambridge is one of the finest universities of UK and rest of the world. Cambridge University has won the most number of Nobel Prizes in comparison to any institution in the whole world. Cambridge University is one of the oldest public research universities all around the globe. Its popularity seems to be endless as any student looking for excellent higher studies is recommended to study at Cambridge. Great museums and collections give a reflection of the great history that the university holds in it.


University of Oxford: Oxford University is a name which surely comes to anybody’s mind when they talk about the finest higher education standards among the universities of UK. Oxford having a history of more than centuries holds a reputation of best university not only in the UK but also in the whole world. This great university is well known for its teaching and research methodology. University of oxford is known for its history that it holds in its arms in the form of great museums and collections. Entrepreneurial and innovativeness are the qualities which are known to be most famous ones among its hundreds of qualities.


Imperial College London: Another high quality educational institute in the UK was established in 1907 and named as Imperial College London. Students from all over the world are attracted towards this university and college due to its excellent research methodology. Imperial College London reflects this image in its presence because it is among the top five universities of UK. Science, medical and engineering research and teaching is performed in such a brilliant manner that students seem to grow within themselves all the time.

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University College London: University College London is also included in top five universities of UK due to its research and teaching standards. UCL is also acclaimed to be one of the finest research institutes all over the world. 40% of the students in UCL belong to other countries than UK. It is located in the centre of London City. The museum and antique library of UCL gains the attention of thousands of visitors every year. University College London is considered as one of the finest higher education providing institutes among thousands of universities of UK.

University of Edinburg: University of Edinburg is among the best universities of UK. University of Edinburg is situated in Scotland and has the perfect atmosphere to study. It is well known for its high standards of research methodology and teaching criteria. The international standards of research have been the important element of this institute. The University of Edinburg is one of the leading universities of UK due to its up-to-date teaching and research criteria. Universities of UK meet the international standards of education and have produced brilliant individuals over the years.

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