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The United States of America provides the best study elements to the students in their academic universities. The academic universities in the USA seem to provide its students such as high standards of higher education, which helps them in every phase of life. The academic universities tend to provide such high standards of study and atmosphere, which help the student in performing exceptionally well in every aspect. The method of training the students is so rigorous that it brings out brilliance from a normal student. The academic universities of the United States have produced brilliant individuals over the years that are making their impact all over the world. Two of the most highly ranked academic universities in the USA are Chicago University and Harvard University.


Harvard University is a name which is known to every hardworking student in any part of the world. It is because of its popularity in producing brilliance out of nobody. Harvard University is surely ranked as the number-one among all academic universities in the world. John Harvard established this great Institute in 1636. Law, Business and Medical departments are known to be the specialty of Harvard University. Admissions can be gained at any of the Harvard schools by attaining a score of 2080-2370 in SAT. Harvard Business School, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Graduate Medical School, Divinity School, Harvard Graduate Law School, School of Dental Medicine; Harvard Graduate School of Design and Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science are the different schools where you can apply for admission and gain excellence in a particular field.


The University of Chicago is considered as the best among all the top academic universities in USA. John D. Rockefeller founded this master piece in 1892. Today it has 14,400 students and 2000 faculty members. The course and staying expenditure at the Chicago University is $52,450. The Chicago University is well-known for its three departments, which are; science, economics and law. The fresh graduates can apply to the various schools such as Booth School of Business, Pritzker School of Medicine, Divinity School, Irving B Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies and Social Service Administration. A common application form needs to be filled if you need to get an admission in the Chicago University. Admissions are given to the students based on evaluation of scores in the secondary and high school along with the teacher’s evaluation. SAT or ACT scores are the basic key for getting the admission. Students also have to write a detailed essay on “why they want to have the admission in Chicago University.” Chicago University among the best academic universities offers excellent higher education.

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Harvard University and Chicago University are surely the best among all academic universities. Some other universities which are known to be excellent in their study and training methods are; Stanford University, Columbia University, the Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, University of Maryland, California Institute of Technology (house's NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Tufts University, University of North Carolina, University of Florida, John Hopkins University, Boston University (liberal arts school), University of Texas, New York University and Yeshiva University. These universities are not only considered among best academic universities of the USA but also the whole world.

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