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There are many universities in America, and the majority of them have won awards of academic excellence over the years, while some have not. However, due to want of space and time, we shall give details only 3 outstanding universities in America; these universities have really empowered the human learning. After the discussion, you will know why they are referred as top universities in America.

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• Harvard University- this is a veritable research university in America, situated in Cambridge. It was established in 1636. This is the oldest academic institution in America. Harvard is one of the top universities in America due to its wealth, influence and history; it is a prestigious institution in the world. This university has produced men and women of impeccable integrity in all walks of life.

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It was given the name later than its principal benefactor, John Harvard. Even though this university is never affiliated officially by means of the church, but it trained the Unitarian and Congregationalist clergy. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, Harvard’s students and curriculum became very secular. One of the foremost president of America; Charles W. Eliot transformed this institution in his forty year tenure and made Harvard a research university. This was how Harvard became the principal member of the association of American universities in the year 1900. In 1977, it was merged with Radcliffe College.

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Harvard is made up of ten faculties, and eleven separate academic units, and its campuses are scattered all over the metropolitan area. Presently, you can run your certificate programs, undergraduate, masters and Doctorate programs in Harvard University with ease. It is on record that some of the opinion leaders in America were former students of Harvard University.


• Princeton university- this is one of the erudite universities in America. This research university is situated in Princeton, New Jersey. Princeton University is one of the eight accredited universities of the Ivy League. This university offers graduate and undergraduate courses in the social sciences, humanities, engineering and natural sciences. However, Princeton University does not conduct lessons for law, medicine, business or divinity, but they offer professional degrees like international affairs and so on. Princeton is among the top ranking universities in America because of their zeal to impact academic excellence and integral development. This university is noted to have the best university endowment across the globe. In addition, it is associated with about 35 Nobel Laureates; three humanities medal winners, 17 medals of science winners and so on.

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• Yale university- is a great university situated in New Haven Connecticut. This is the third-oldest top universities in America. This university is traceable to the 17th century clergymen who wanted to establish an institution where political leaders and clergy will be trained. This college was renamed its present name to honor a great gift from Elihu Yale. Yale employs over 5,300 undergraduates, 1100 faculties, 6100 graduate and professional students.
All these three institutions are formidable universities in America you can easily identify with any day any time.


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