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the Best Vocational Universities For Technicians

Published at 03/21/2012 22:46:25


There are many vocational universities that are highly suitable for technicians, but to get the best will be a bit difficult. However, some vocational universities have really distinguished themselves in terms of academic excellence. We shall try to list some of them here. Vocational universities sometimes are well known as professional universities or even colleges of higher vocational trainings; they are institutions of research and higher education for research.


Vocational universities provides both quaternary education as well as tertiary education for technicians, and at the same time grants academic degrees to all levels like bachelor, masters and doctorates in a wide range of subjects. Technicians drive pleasure in visiting some of these vocational universities for the pursuit of academic excellence.
In some countries across the globe especially western countries, vocational universities grant professional bachelor’s degree, masters and professional doctorate degrees. Vocational universities are usually funded and regulated differently; that is they are taken care of by the local government and not the state. As a technician, if you are searching for research-focused universities, this is where you should go. In vocational universities, the technicians are taught both theoretical and practical skills.


In the modern times or middle ages, an education establishment can be called an academic institution, only if highly elated courses like theology, philosophy and medicine are being taught there. Thus, after sometimes other courses like engineering sciences and natural were recommended. Regrettably, some of these institutions were never called universities till the contemporary times. There are different vocational ubiversities for technicians.

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In recent times, there are vocational universities of applied sciences such as institutes of technology or polytechnics, vocational universities of humanities, arts and so on. Recently, vocational universities have received the full status of universities for example, the University Music and performing arts located in Vienna, Austria. More so, some establishments have received the full status of being called a university, but they prefer to be called their former names like the Royal institute of technology located in Stockholm in Sweden.
Below are list of vocational universities in India, which offers vocational subjects through distance learning or multimedia learning; there is something very sweet about vocational universities for technicians- this is where students come for the purpose of enhancing their skills. Learning is conducted in vocational universities for technicians through correspondence and open universities.
These are some of the best vocational universities for technicians;
• Alagappa university
• Andhra university
• Kakatiya university
• Ambedkar open university
• Annamalai university
• Kota open university
• Kamaraj university
• Madras university
• Manipal university
• Netaji open university
• Osmania university
• RVD university
• Periyar university
• Vinayaka mission
• Tamilnadu open university

These vocational universities for technicians had been very exceptional all these years; this is the main reason why they are highly recommended for all and sundry. In fact, as a technician, if you are looking for a vocational university where your mind will be enhanced, you should think of coming to any of these citadels of learning.