Advantages To Attending Hawaii Universities
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Advantages To Attending Hawaii Universities

Published at 03/29/2012 00:20:24


Advantages To Attending Hawaii Universities

Hawaii is probably the best place in the world to be in if you love nature and want to see beautiful places around. There are several universities and institutions of higher learning in Hawaii. As to which among the Hawaii universities you attend is your choice, but time spent at a Hawaii university will be the most memorable years in your life.

There are several advantages to attending Hawaii universities. Here are some of the advantages to attending Hawaii universities.


Advantages To Attending Hawaii Universities

Hawaii being located in the middle of the Pacific attracts students from America, Asia and Europe. All the Hawaii universities offer diverse student population giving you the opportunity to understand and appreciate people from diverse ethnicities and nationalities. This is the true multicultural advantage.

Some of the Hawaii universities like Hawaii Pacific university being a military friendly college is the ideal place for the military veterans to advance their careers. There are military friendly programs as well as professional business careers. In other words, the career programs at Hawaii universities are tailored to everyone’s needs.


Advantages To Attending Hawaii Universities

Hawaii Pacific University offers the unique program not available in every campus. This is known as FlexTRACK, the military friendly program. This opportunity should be counted as one great advantage of attending Hawaii universities. Accordingly, you have complete flexibility in doing the program that include multiple start date, full and part time study, day, evening, weekend and online classes, classes conducted on Hawaii military bases, option to complete the degree who leave for some reasons like relocation or temporary deployment, transfer credit option among several others.

One of the Hawaii universities is the University of Hawaii at Hilo which has 100 faculty members and enrolls approximately 27000 students. It serves the County of Hawaii by providing the four year liberal arts campus for those who prefer a small, residential college environment. It also has a four year College of Agriculture. The University of Hawaii – West Oahu has 26 faculty members and enrolls about 700 students in its upper division Bachelor of Arts Program.

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Among the nation’s universities as well as Hawaii universities, the University of Hawaii is particularly strong in agriculture and tropical medicine; astronomy and planetary science; oceanography, geology and geophysics; marine biology, conservation biology and evolutionary biology; comparative philosophy and comparative religion; and Hawaiian studies, Pacific Island studies, Asian studies and studies of Russia in the Pacific. These strengths reflect Hawaii’s unique geography and environment as well as its historical involvement with many cultures in the Pacific rim.

In brief, Hawaii universities offer a number of unique advantages not available anywhere else by virtue of their unique geographical location, history and environment. University of Hawaii is among the top universities of the nation. It is an international university ranking typically in the top 10 or 15 universities among American universities in federal funding for international programs. Manoa faculty routinely offer instruction in forty five languages and are capable of presenting over eighty many of which are taught nowhere else in the world outside of their native countries. The university is also a minority institution: 56 percent of its students are women, and no more than 23.3 percent of its students come from any particular ethnic background.